Is it really the holidays already? And Teen Dream by Beach House…

Photography by Ala Protasewicz

Howdy howdy! Another Monday, but this time around it’s a holiday week here in the states as we are heading toward good ol’ Thanksgiving, filled with three things, two of which are many Amoricans’ favourite things, food and football. The third thing is family, of course, and it’s debatable whether or not sticking 50 genetically related individuals and their spouses in a house is “enjoyable”….

At the Tsuru household, our plan is to enjoy the day off (no family near us & Baby is Canadian so it’s not really a “holiday”), pack some stuff, go back to work on Friday, then head on up to our beloved Toronto Friday night! WOOT! First to hang out in the city for a day or so, then pop over to Nestleton to see Canadian Maw Maw, and finally back to Columbus and back to work. So, posting may be minimal on Monday & Tuesday of next week, but it shouldn’t be too bad as we hope to come back with a wollop and deliver our Most Awesomest Tsururific Albums of 2009 lists & mixtapes by the end of next week!!! Can I get a woot?


Yeah! Nice!

And man, if things go they way they are going, it’s going to be “epic” with a capital E baby. As we are not one for tradition, expect something a little different this time around! Excited much? Yeah… me too.

As if I needed more of a reminder that 2009 is slowly but surely wrapping up, not only did we look at one 2010 release with our dear Laura Veirs last week, but now we got ourselves another in Teen Dream by Beach House!

Nutty man, not even December and we got 2010 popping up like a zit before prom.


Speaking of pop — oh no, I didn’t just go from popping zits to pop music??? Oh hell yeah I did! — I guess the two words you see stuck together for this one is “dream pop” and this time, I’ll give it to the labels/critics/journalist/album-leakers/etc as that’s exactly what this is.

Listening, you find yourself drifting along a cloud, a wave, a dream… it’s hard not to imagine a bright & blue beach scene with their name and all, maybe a carnival on the boardwalk a mile or so down the way, just a perfect and beautiful and lovely day.

So, let’s get to it, it’s a dreary grey overcast day, with rain looming, I think I need to float away for just a little while longer….

1. Zebra
2. Silver Soul
3. Norway
4. Walk In The Park
5. Used To Be
6. Lover Of Mine
7. Better Times
8. 10 Mile Stereo
9. Real Love
10. Take Care

Ah, and here’s a little video moment while we are at it, for their song “Heart Of Chambers”…. Nice.

Nice…. Now, go show Beach House a little love, eh?
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