III by Espers: I won’t say the word…

Photography by Rita Lino

I’ve been listening off & on to the new Espers album III for the past week or so, really loving it, but having one pickle of a time describing it to myself It’s a little bit this, a little bit that, a little bit of nothing and everything and blah blah blah.

So, I thought to myself, maybe there’s a word I’m missing, that magic word, that sums up exactly what I’m listening to, something that me, as an amateur writer (at best), has not been privy to compared to the great music writers of today.

According to the massively adored Pitchfork and it’s red-headed buddy Tiny Mix Tapes — why they broke “mixtapes” into 2 words? I have no idea — that word is freak-folk or psych-folk, depending if which review site you identify with more. Apparently, one bore from the other, psych-folk coming out from the 60s and freak-folk being a modern incarnation of the same-ish thing or something.

Oddly enough, when I listen to III, I get none of that. I get a little bit o’ my beloved prog, a little bit o’ classic folk-rock and an sense of the sinister and dark. Like Hazards Of Love by The Decemberists but without any hooks, mainstream appeal, or over-arching story?

Sure. Why not. Maybe that’s what freak-folk is? Whatever. In the end, you’ve got a full, rich, and dark album, with stunning vocals and on a overcast day like this it seems a bit fitting (eventhough, I’ll admit, because it’s supposed to be like 70 today, can’t WAIT to get out there and ride).

Oh and hey…. A little teaser, we got LOTS of special presentations in works! So, if you haven’t got us bookmarked, in your readers, on the twitters or facebooks, or whatever…. man, you finna be missin’ out soon!

01 I Can’t See Clear
02 The Road of Golden Dust
03 Caroline
04 The Pearl
05 That Which Darkly Thrives
06 Sightings
07 Meridian
08 Another Moon Song
09 Colony
10 Trollslända

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