Be Set Free by Langhorne Slim: Do You Ever Feel Like A Fish Out Of Water? I Do… Sometimes…

Photography by Rita Lino

And so the battle for my throat and soul continues unabated as I down any medication, any hot fluid, and any acidic citric fluid (Flo-ride-da OJ baby) I can find to keep dem amoebas dying off on the battle ground… I may lose a battle here and there — why did I drink hot chocolate milk last night?? WHYYY — but I will WIN THE WAR!!!!


Now according to the intertube medical websites I’ve read, throat boogers HATE, just absolutely can not stand quirky pop-country-folk-blues-like music that is endorsed by any members of the Decemberists. Random, isn’t it? I know! Well, fortunately for me, or unfortunately for them, Be Set Free by Langhorn Slim is exactly what I need!


‘Cause that exactly what it is! Fun and easy but dripping with a light soul that kept my throat soothed — is that a word? soothed? hmm.. feels weird.. drugs must be gettin’ to me. The album glides along an easy day in butt-fuck-no where, where the train rolls by where you sit on a porch drinkin’ lemonade or something while your old dog Butch lazily watches the occasional fly passing by.

I read somewhere that Slim is “anti-folk”, not really sure what that is… is it folk without the folk sound? Or is it the folk sound without the folk message? No clue and don’t really know why I bothered mentioning it, unless that’s important to you. To me, this is just smart pop songs that take advantage of a bunch o’ old-timey aesthetics to get the desired effect. Meaning….. it’s just good times.


1. Back To The Wild
2. Say Yes
3. I Love You, But Goodbye
4. Land of Dreams
5. Cinderella
6. Be Set Free
7. For A Little While
8. Sunday By The Sea
9. Leaving My Love
10. Yer Wrong
11. Blown Your Mind
12. So Glad I’m Coming Home
13. Boots Boy

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