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Well… I’m a sad bird today. This morning I dropped off Baby at the airport for her trip to China and then India for work. It’s a good trip and I’m so happy for her for getting the chance to go, but I’m going to miss her like a mad man. Not going to dwell on it too much here, but baby, I know it’s not the most glamorous of trips, but have fun, take care of business, and then get that sweet booty back home, okay?

Now, as I’m want to do when I’m not in the happiest of moods, I tend to reach out for the familiar, to raise my spirits, or wrap around me like a blanket, or get the aggression out, or whatever the situation may call for…. so as I left the airport, heading into work, on came Vapours by Islands, LOUD. I think I may have damaged a few vocal chords on the drive in…. Oopah.

Fortunately we have our beloved Society to help me, not only feel less alone, but also help me keep moving on musically and not sit in my comfort-hole in the known! So the timing couldn’t be better for our boy Billy Bad Hands to resurrect one of our favourite ongoing series, our Basement Required Listenings with his offering of Red Devil Dawn by Crooked Fingers!

Now, we’ve enjoyed Crooked Fingers in the past, loving their most recent endeavour as well as the duet with Neko Case that showed up in last year’s duet-themed Anniversary mixtape — November 17th’s approaching! you know what THAT means, right??? Volume III is almost upon us!!!! WOOOOT! — but that’s about the extent of it, not because of dislike or anything, just from lack of effort on my part to dig into the discog, which is why I was so happy that Billy brought the heat!!!

There is something extraordinarily blue collar about this album. It’s very “middle America”, and no, I’m not saying it’s Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp idolatry here, but there is a sense that he’s singing to some of the same audience, but not necessarily just the aging laid-off union widget-puncher union worker with a mortgage, 2.8 kids, a late-model mini-van for her, and a pick-em-up truck for him, but all of us who aren’t privileged or lambasting in the “cultured” (and I use that term quite loosely) worlds of the eastern and western coasts. And today and for now, that’s rather comforting.

Thanks Billy, brilliant album, perfect timing…. Alright my dear readers, it’s your turn, enjoy!

1. “Big Darkness”
2. “Don’t Say a Word”
3. “You Can Never Leave”
4. “Bad Man Coming”
5. “You Threw a Spark”
6. “A Boy with (100) Hands”
7. “Sweet Marie”
8. “Angelina”
9. “Disappear”
10. “Carrion Doves”

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