Twofer Thursday!!! Takin’ it old school with Yankee Reality by Hush Arbors and My World by Lee Fields & The Expressions…

Photography by Jon St. Otherfang

Thursday? Oh hell yeah! Another busy one ahead of me, but that’s the way I likes ’em. Work + coordinating a Ride-To-Work thing + a photoshoot = one busy beaver! HA! Anywho’s, needed something cool & a bit old-school to keep my ass a-movin, ended up finding two, so I thunked to myself, “hey T, how about we go a little extra today and make it a Twofer Thursday?” Sounded pretty good to me, you cool with that? Yeah… I figured you were. So let’s get to it!

First up is Yankee Reality by Hush Arbors…

Okay, when I say “old-school”, I don’t mean literally – both of today’s albums are oh-niners – but each bring their own variation of classic sounds with their latest efforts. Hush Arbors goes the classic rock route, reminiscent of greats like Fleetwood Mac, like they belong, not just on vinyl, but being piped through an old transistor radio.

The falsetto-esque vocals mixed with a healthy blend of quiet-folk and all-out rock are balanced out perfect across the ten tracks. Got the first two tracks here, but you need to hear it in its entirety. The closer, “Devil Made You High” is an one of the concert-ending rockers. When it first comes on, you look down at the ipod, making sure an wayward mp3 didn’t end up in the playlist, but the vocals kick in and remind you were you are at. The song drives forward, forward, climbing up to – can I say it? can I use that word, oh screw it, if the shoe fits, right? – to EPIC levels before crashing to it’s final resolution and we start all over again.

Pretty damn awesome….

1. Day before
2. Lisbon
3. Fast asleep
4. So they say
5. One way ticket
6. Coming home
7. Sun shall
8. Take it easy
9. For while you slept
10. Devil made you high

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Now, while Hush Arbors may be calling on their classic rock heros for inspiration, popping up from the other side of the AM dial (and next up) is an old fave with a new LP, Lee Fields & The Expressions with My World!

One word…… Soul-fucking-rific-awesome-tastic!!!! Lee’s the man, Lee’s the SHIT. BUT, sometimes he dips a little too much in the funk world, leaving us soul boys & girls in the cold, but no no no, not this time! Fields gets his Expressions and brings the soul revival as dripping hot & sexy as his often collaborator, one Ms. Sharon Jones. Fields captures a different world, a different era, perfectly, from the shiny brass horns to that throbbing bass to that reverbing guitar… and of course, that voice, THAT voice.


Like I said, soul-fucking-rific-awesome-tastic!

Here’s someone playing the 45 of the title track… It doesn’t do it justice, but it’s worth the click & spin.

See? Check out the first two songs, to get the feel, #2 in particular will make your ears orgasm. Then go buy the rest, Lee deserves it, you deserve, the world fucking needs it.

1. Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do)
2. Love Comes And Goes
3. Honey Dove
4. Money I$ King
5. My World Is Empty Without You
6. Expressions Theme
7. My World
8. Ladies
9. These Moments
10. The Only One Loving You
11. Last Ride

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