Twofer Friday! Weathervanes by Freelance Whales & Let’s Build A Roof by Lake!!! October’s got those orange eyes… Let’s get this weekend a-coming!

Photography by Me! Hooray!
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Guess what!?!

It’s finally what??

(say it with me now)


Not just a Woot, but I’m thinkin’ a WOOT Squared is in order, donchathink?!


Uh huh!


Maybe I should do the whole post like this? Just little sentences. Boop. It’s kinda where my heads at after all. What ya doing this weekend? Anything special? Me? Probably a bit o’ riding and a bit o’ photographizing. Should be good times.

Sorry, my brains a bit scrambled after the 6 hour meeting I squatted through yesterday. Oopah doopah, indeedy fresh and so freedy.

So, I thunked to myself, T, how you seem to be pot without a pisser today, so how’s about you makes it up to the peoples by popping not one, but two dollops of good times?

I like dollops.

And then I saided to meselfs, why T, that sounds like a jim-dandy eatin’ pink cotton candy of an idear! And yar! Here we be!

Why I’m suddenly talking pirate…. I have no idea (Ar).

Man, huh?

Okay, how about we just get to da musics, eh?


First up! Weathervanes by Freelance Whales!

Okay, you tell me we got some electronic stuff mixed in with banjo-folk and sweet vocalin’ harmonies and I’ll tell you, say WHAAAAT? But man, it worked. I have absolutely no idea how, but it does. Much like the roughly stitched together woven fabrics in their album cover, you’ve got leather, glen plaids, burlap plainweaves, and some how it just makes a beautiful patchwork of art…

Seriously, these guys are unsigned? That’s messed up. Are you listening ANTI?

01 Generator ^ First Floor
02 Hannah
03 Location

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And then there’s another little gem, takin’ us down, takin’ a little lower for us… Let’s Build A Roof by Lake!

This bad boy’s got more of a chill thing going on, with it chiming guitars, vocals pushed to the back, this is for later in the night, when it’s just you and your baby. Lights a little lower, maybe a candle on here and there, and you guys get to know each other just a little bit better…

Try it. Put on “Gravel”, imagine two half-drank glasses of wine, and you two sharing a low-light moment…. Kinda works, no? The saucy harmonies, the jazzy brass, the tribal-esque beats. Yeah, that shit’s hot!

Actually, the more I listen, the more I’m thinkin’ this is really sexy music. Totally doesn’t work in the middle of a glorious day, but man…. I’m suddenly wishing it was 2am.

Okay, here’s what you do. If it’s still daylight out, scroll back up and play some Freelance Whales, BUT, if it’s droppin’ down and your baby’s got those bedroom eyes on, then come back down here and push play….

Oooooh…… yeaaaaah……….

01 Breathing
02 Gravel
03 Madagascar

Some Lake Link Love…
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Alright, now go have a fucking fantastic weekend! BUT, check back tomorrow for a scarrrrrry little treat! Hopefully my noggin’ will be in better shape for you, eh?

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1 comment for “Twofer Friday! Weathervanes by Freelance Whales & Let’s Build A Roof by Lake!!! October’s got those orange eyes… Let’s get this weekend a-coming!

  1. sadman1485
    October 23, 2009 at 8:47 PM

    great to see you're enjoying the freelance whales! had a chance to meet their drummer a few months before the album dropped — glad to see it's getting a good reception – jason @ indie shuffle

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