TSURURADIO Presents… Do The Shuffle: Walzac Style!!!

Cover by Walzac

Well, it’s Saturday… but just because it’s the weekend, doesn’t mean we can get our groove on, eh? Real quick, before we get started, wanted to announce we’ve got another photo contest started, this time over at Tsuru & The Bride!!!

Pretty self-explanatory, in my opinion, but just in case… A photo contest where they theme is “Twos”. Anything & everything, with some pretty awesome prizes for the winner!!! Head over to Tsuru & The Bride for all the details, you have until Craftin’ Outlaws on October 17!!!!

Whatcha waitin fer… GET PHOTOIN’!!!!!

Okay, got a pretty special Saturday treat for you! Down in our little community, we started a little thread called Do The Shuffle after we posted our 50 song shuffle mix last week, everyone’s been posting their list, being brutally honest (no matter how many indie-points they may lose). Walzac even zipped his up and sent it my way, so I’m quite happy to post it here for you!


It’s Saturday, the weather is gorgeous, so let’s keep this short, sweet, and let Walzac’s iPod do the speaking for us, eh? So turn it on and turn it up as…

Do The Shuffle: Walzac Style!!!

1. Soldier’s Gun – Wolf Parade
2. Space Raider – Wavves
3. Now My Feet Won’t Touch the Ground – Coldplay
4. Solid Jackson – Bright Eyes
5. More Than Words – Owen
6. Christmas Card – Jimmy Eat World
7. Half A Person – The Welcome Wagon
8. What Beats Within – Jenny Owen Youngs
9. Intermission – Portugal. The Man
10. Be The One – Jack PeƱate
11. You’re The Good Things – Modest Mouse
12. Rebellion (Lies) (BBC Maida Vale Studios) – Arcade Fire
13. Better Weather – Kimya Dawson
14. Day of the Baphomets – The Mars Volta
15. Interlude – Jay Z
16. Can’t Buy Me Love – The Beatles
17. London Fields – Stars
18. Drown Me – Sexy Kids
19. Perhaps I Thought You’d Never Change – Swanton Bombs
20. Eyedropper – Universal Studios Florida

Thank you soooo much Walzac! A wonderfully fun, wonderfully random, wonderfully sweet mix! And you, my dear readers, like something you heard? Well, head on down to your local record shop and buy that shit! Have a great weekend everyone!

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