tsuruloosies… Will you kiss my "whole asshole"???

Well, it’s been a little while since we’ve done our much vaulted tsuruloosies, where we get to look at what’s “hot & hyped”, make a pathetic attempt to stay current with all you folks on the intertubes are listening to, but at the same time, stop “being nice” and start “being real”.

Going to do this one a little different, publishing via email. Let’s see if I can pull this off? After all, it’s a modern world and I’m a modern, well, boy actually, but you know I mean…. Let’s just get to it!

Michael Jackson – This Is It

Going to start wtih the MacDaddy of hyped songs right now as Jackson covers Safire’s “This Is It” written by Paul Anka as what would ultimately be his final song — yeah right… How much you want to bet they’ll be re-packaging “best of’s” with “new unreleased material” for the next two/three/etc decades?? Regardless, it sounds like the super-early nineties / I wish it was still the 80s it is but with “better production values”. Sorry MJ, haven’t been a fan since after Thriller, and for some reason, I don’t think a new album would’ve changed that.

Vampire Weekend – Horchata

If “This Is It” is the MacDaddy of hyped songs, then “Horchata” would be it’s forgotten middle-child Indie hipster cousin. They did the countdown that got everyone, even the snarky Pitchfork, all hot and bothered. Hell, we even played along! They carried the hype from their last album into this year (remarkable in this day & age) but does it deliver? I don’t know, it’s a decent enough song even though I still feel like I’m on the outside looking in with these guys, like they are part of a life, a suburb, that I just don’t belong in. *sigh* My childhood all over again.

Memory Tapes – Green Knight

Pretty chill… this would be pretty nice at the lounge sippin’ on you cocktail of choice with a few friends late in the night.

Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset (Animal Collective Remix)

So many remixes, this one has Phoenix and Animal Collective in the ID tags somewhere so what the hell, give it a go, right? Well, as far as remixes go, this one is pretty harmless. No boom-chk-boom-chk, whatever, but unfortunately, it never really goes anywhere either. May be nice in between songs on a mixtape though! hmmmm….

The Sweet Serenades – On My Way

Not sure who these guys are, but the songs pretty fun. Got a Wild Beasts meets Vampire Weekend thing going on. Not too shabby. Needs more, needs the album I’m thinking to make it right.

Neon Indian – Terminally Chill

Didn’t we do this one like ages ago? Didn’t like it then, still don’t like it. Yeah, sorry, just don’t get why these guys are so popular right now. I’m sure, it’s fine, it’s there, it’s not offensive to my sensibilities or anything, but that’s it. It’s just, you know, there. Oh well.

Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets

Album’s called “Neon Gold”? That should tell you something. Neon’s trending (see above song by Neon Indian) not just in music, but in fashion, gold is always gold and glam and club and whatever and put those two together, add a song about “boys” and you got generic club hit #1,023,923! HOORAY!

Don Diablo vs Phoenix vs Jay Z – 99 Fences

Alright! A mash-up! These can be fun or complete shit! Though it’s a little smelly at first, and I could’ve sworn I saw a kernal of corn or two, when the Jay-Z part gets going, it’s actually pretty fun. And you’ve GOT to love the line “fuck critics, you can kiss my whole asshole” Part homo-erotic, part awesomely hilarious! Just imagine Mr. Cool himself, pulling his pants down spreading his butt-cheeks niiiice and wide to show off his little spider so that some scruffy-ass meager-wage-earnin’ writer for *insert dying magazine here* can get his lips all puckered and up & in there…. ha! Nice one Z! Later he even sings how his “trunk is raw”? Funny shit man, lots of fun!

Okay okay, that’s enough for today. I feel better, I feel “caught up” with all you guys! Yay! But man, I’m definitely ready to get back to my albums…. Let’s push send and see what happens, eh?

Have a great day!


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