tsuruloosies… A little Thursday catchin’ up.

That’s right my friends!!!! It’s time to put on Music Cricket Hats and see what’s all hot and shit around the intertubes in our often celebrated, but never meditated, TSURULOOSIES!!!!

Now… I missed our patented wheelie rating system in our last tsuruloosie post, snarkiness just doesn’t become me (though it does seem to help with the ratings). So…. in lieu of talking about J-Z’s whole asshole, one which I was invited to pucker up and give a full lipal rim job, how about we get back to wheelie basics.

BUT, never one to lose my entire edge, I need you to imagine all the bouncing wheelies are being done by fixed-gear riding hipster tricksters, okay?

Okay… you pumped? Yeah. Okay, a little stretching, crack the neck a little, close my eyes, take a couple niiiice aaaaaand deeeeeeeep breeeeeeaths…….. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand go!

Designer Drugs – Drop Down

damn… flatted.

Julian Casablancas – River Of Brakelights


LCD Soundsystem Bye Bye Bayou

Old and dated, like a yard sale Huffy? One wheelie for “sounding sexy”…

That Ghost – The Red Bow

Pretty cool.

The Whigs – In The Dark

Nice… like a nice cool afternoon ride.

Avi Buffalo – Raccoon

The folks in the Society are hyping this… Got to agree.

PHEW! That was fun! Somethings fun, something, not so much. Now, let’s go riding!!!

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