There Is No Enemy by Built To Spill, music confessions, & astronomy analogies…

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Where were you when YOU first heard “Horchata”?


Okay… movin’ on because I have a little confession to make and I want to get it over with, pull the band-aid off, so to speak. It’s about Built To Spill. Before today (well, actually, last night for a few minutes, but REALLY today), I’ve never listened to them before.

Yep. For shame, I know. Go ahead and lay it on me, I’ll wait….

All done? Okay.

You see, way back in the 90s and early 00s, I had my music & I had my methods of finding music. Femmes, Weezer, etc, etc, etc were the mainstays and then I’d found new music through places by browsing, listening, and purchasing from the local record shops after spending a lot of time at listening stations or through the Amazon “if you like, you might like” method or the “hey, Billy produced that Femmes album I love, and he produced this one? I’m in!” method. There was also the blind purchases based on the cover art (yielded some pretty interesting results). Anyways, this random way of finding music meant a pretty interesting mix of music in my giant boxes of CDs, but it also meant that some bands might as well never existed!

Built To Spill was one of those. As far as my music collection was concerned, Built To Spill might as well lived in an alternate universe that never criss-crossed mine. Sure, I heard of the name before, though “Built To Spill” was not the most compelling of band names, but no one I knew was jibbering on about them, and well, I guess our paths just never crossed.

Add into that how in the 00’s they had 5 years between albums and another 3 before this one, and well, you are just collection of dark matter in the sky full of stars.

There? Sure.. Bending a little bit of light? I guess.. In my line of sight? Not at all.

Well……. This ain’t the 90s or the early 00s, it’s 2009 and anything and everything that gets near my radar gets in my ears, and that includes Built To Spill. Finally. What better way to start to learn about a band than examining their current state of mind with There Is No Enemy!

So why now? Why not.

Loaded this bad boy in my player of choice, dropped the metaphorical needle, and honestly was pretty surprised to find what I heard — or is that “hear what I found”? *shrug* — because I was expecting (again, for no reason whatsoever) something “harder”, but instead I found a kinda poppy jam-type band of sorts. No, not a Grateful Dead meets Pet Shop Boys (man, I’m really starting to date myself here), more of a, hmmm…… well, kind of a Shins thing (remember, Shins came first to me) with an element of “chill on the lawn at your local amphitheatre sippin’ beer and smokin’ doobies” to it. Very cool.

Well, it looks like I got some back-cataloging to do on these guys, a few album to dive into and see what the fuss is/was all about. Love it when that happens. It’s one thing to discover a new band that shines then fades and disappears quicker than a falling star — damn, what’s with all the astronomy today? — but it’s a whole another thing, like — hmm… now I’m searching for an astronomy analogy and completely blanking out — uh, like discovering a black hole and learning it leads to a whole other universe — there you go, T! Good times.

Ah, shoot. Looks like this bad boy is a major label WB release (BOO!), so let’s stick to the official “single” okay? Okay. Funny note, looked them up on the wikis, their genre tag is “indie rock”, yet these guys haven’t been “indie” since 1997? Funny shit.

Anyways… here’s “Hindsight”, enjoy, then go buy the rest! Got a link to a sweet Insound 2xLP+CD+poster pre-order after the tracklisting! Smooches!

1. “Aisle 13”
2. “Hindsight”
3. “Nowhere Lullaby”
4. “Good Ol’ Boredom”
5. “Life’s a Dream”
6. “Oh Yeah”
7. “Pat”
8. “Done”
9. “Planting Seeds”
10. “Things Fall Apart”
11. “Tomorrow”

Spilled Link Love…
Myspace | Official | Label | 2xLP + CD Pre-order with Poster

Ah, and here’s a cool video, not sure if it’s “official” or not, but it’s a compilation of public service announcements from the Library of Congress set to their song “Car”

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1 comment for “There Is No Enemy by Built To Spill, music confessions, & astronomy analogies…

  1. snivel and run
    October 8, 2009 at 8:02 AM

    saw built to spill last night. yeah, i dig them enough, but something uninspired about the whole show, despite the great playing. maybe i'm just not all that into the band anymore. it happens.

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