The TSURURADIO Community Presents… MixItUp’s Halloween Mixed Tape!!!

Photography “Baby Red Riding Hood Lost In The Woods” by Me!
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Ah yes…. Halloween is almost upon us! And you know what that means, right? Yep! Women everywhere are gonna slut it up in the name of “dressing up in a costume”!!!


No complaints, but you know, we can be honest about it, right? Right. Now, just because the costume is inherently slutty doesn’t mean you are stuck showing off your hoohas and rootie-tooties, sometimes you can take a slutty little costume and make it adorable! Don’t believe me? Check out my bee-otch a couple Halloweens ago…

Awww…… Bzzz Bzzz! Get it? Bee-otch? HA!

See, it’s not always about showing off skin, right? Sometimes you can even get all post-ironic & clever and shit. Here’s us last year as “French Stereotypes”!


Or is that “Haw Haw”! Hehehe…..

But there’s one thing that’s consistent, regardless of age or level of drunken debauchery, and that’s spookin’ out. Whether it be dropping in to see Saw IX or V or XX or CVI or whatever gawd forsaken number they are up to, or visiting a “haunted house” — I got to tell you, those things do nothing for me. People chasing you around, trying to scare you, when you know they are there and you know they can’t really even touch you, kinda takes the “scare” out of it, no? — or maybe just hanging out in a pumpkin patch all night long..

Now, I’ll be honest. I never really got into Halloween. I think it all comes back to being a rather poor child. We really couldn’t afford costumes, so I was always a homemade pirate, cut off some jeans & a shirt, throw on a Walgreens eye patch, put on a hankerchief and out the door to trick-or-treat I went.

Oh…. I loved the candy. And, like most kids, we knew which house to hit, mom would usually take us to Riverhills in Tampa where alot of the rich houses were and we hit ’em all, and the ones that gave out full candy bars, we hit again. Mom would be parked somewhere as a “home base” — come to think of it, wonder what she did in the car while we were galavanting around a rich neighborhood? Can’t remember.


The next year? Same thing. Maybe I’d be able to save up for some fake blood and put some of that on my face, so I could be a bloody homemade pirate. Oooo… Awesome.

Now, Baby, she loves the Halloween and has us dress up every year and go out to some party. I try to get into it, I really do. But I have a hard time “feeling” the costume. It tends to end up being a mash up of things like two years ago when I was “emo Jesus”.

Who’s your personal jesus??


10 minutes into the costume, I was suddenly just emo me. Yeah. Awesome.

Now…. this is TSURURADIO, and what would ANY holiday be — at least one that I can remember existing — without a mixtape? A shitty one, that’s what. But, even though Halloweeny ain’t really my thingy, fortunately for you, for our head Society Mistress MixItUp it is and she built a “mixed tape” for us!!!

And it’s got ALL the old classics, Jason, Michael, and even the Crypt Keeper, as well as a few random “scar-r-r-r-ry eFx” to keep the kiddies awake a little longer next Saturday, all in cheesy good fun and all cheesy good times! So, let’s kick off the week of Halloween with a nighttime release of her fun collection! Click play….




Man, that really hurts the throat.

The TSURURADIO Community Presents…
MixItUp’s Halloween Mixed Tape!!!
(Full zip)

01 Zacherle
02 This Is Halloween
03 Deadbolt
04 Nightmare (Remix)
05 Goblin Laugh
06 Thunderclap
07 Ghost Town
08 Halloween Madness Mix
09 Jaws Theme
10 Twilight Zone
11 Monster Mash
12 Friday The 13th (Jason’s Theme)
13 Spooky Laughter
14 Tales From The Crypt Theme
15 Evil Laughter
16 Halloween
17 Twilight Zone Theme Song
18 Wolves
19 Southern Culture on the Skids
20 The Morgue
21 ‘The Munsters’ Theme
22 Resurrection OST
23 Zacherle
24 Goblin Laugh 2
25 Thunderclap 2

Cheers & Happy Halloween Week!!!
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  1. PuppyLovePrincess
    October 25, 2009 at 4:23 PM

    thanks for sharing, this is awesome! i have over 200 songs on my halloween mix playlist, and now i've got some newbies… YAY!

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