The TSURURADIO Community Presents… Isa’s Automne & Mélancolie Mixtape!!!

Photography by Me, with a shitty mobile phone, then processed through Poladroid!

Well, it’s Monday, Craftin’ Outlaws is done (and was fucking awesome), my sis (pictured above) has come, had fun, kicked ass, took names, rode bikes, and, unfortunately, flew out… And all that means is that it’s time to start a new week, start some new adventures and start celebrating what is now and what is about to come!

So…. what is now?

Good question…. It’s this!

Yep! If you had hopped over to Tsuru & The Bride this morning, you’d see all the entries into our latest patented TsuruNation Celebration Domination Activation Photo Contest and saw that Isa and her rather touching photo entry…

…was the winner!!! Check out all entries, the write up, and all the great prizes over at Tsuru & The Bride now!

But here at TSURURADIO, we aren’t done celebrating yet, oh no no no my friends, you see Isa is part our wonderful little community of oddballs & music geeks, a community that I’m so unbelievably proud of, who have written guest posts here, who have made amazing mixtapes, who have ridden bikes, who have shared art & their love of music, and generally been all-around awesome in every shape & way, and Isa, that’s right, the very same Isa who JUST won the contest earlier this morning, just posted a brand spanking new mixtape based on the feelings conjured up by this wonderfully beautiful, yet unpredictable season, autumn.

It’s a beautiful capture of the the turning leaves, the sense of change, the impending cold & bareness of winter, and all the sense of wonder and sadness that can go along with it, and it’s wonderful.

It’s been a cold Autumn so far, something I’ve lamented a bit on after yet another cold ride. On the bright spot, looks like we are getting at least one nice week this week, if the weather can hold — we’ll see, looks good, but I’m a little jaded already.

But for now, we’ve got this mixtape, Isa’s mixtape. Thank you again so much, Isa, not just for the mixtape, but for the great photo entry! We love you!

And now it’s everyone else’s turn to enjoy as…

The TSURURADIO Community Presents…
Isa’s Automne & Mélancolie Mixtape!!!
(Full Zip)

01- Broken Social Scene – Major Label Debut
02- Inara George – Everybody Knows
03- Mumford & Sons – I gave you all
04- Arcade Fire – My heart is an apple
05- Beirut – Cherbourg
06- Bell Orchestre – Rajasthan
07- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – The Line
08- Noah and the whale – Slow Glass
09- Bon Iver – Blood Bank
10- Miracle Fortress – Five Roses
11- The Smiths – Still Ill
12- Department of eagles – In ear park
13- Bat for lashes – Travelling woman
14- Moby – Isolate
15- The Devlins – There is a light
16- Blondie – Heart of glass

Hear something you like? Well, go buy that shit, you know, like now!?!

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1 comment for “The TSURURADIO Community Presents… Isa’s Automne & Mélancolie Mixtape!!!

  1. Isa
    October 20, 2009 at 4:59 AM

    Oh! What an honour! Petit cachottier…

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