Terra Incognita by Juliette Lewis, Whip-It, & really all things Juliette…

It’s an old discussion…. Actors turned music artists. First reaction is usually that of an eye roll, followed by a finger to the mouth when the music is actually heard. Not sure why a) they feel the need to do this or b) when they do, it’s almost always a steaming pile of turds. Is it because actors live in an isolated world of ego-pumping make-believe where they are told every move they make, every fart they send into our atmosphere, is a precious act of godliness that is to be worshipped and recorded in our blogs and grocery store check-out line rags?

Not sure.

But Eddie Murphy, Scarlet Johanson, Don Johnson, Kanunu Reeves, that dude from Gladiator, Lindsay Lohan — looking as gorgeous as ever below..

Damn, hard to believe I’m older than her, eh? Party hard, and it shows… Anyways… Even that vapid waste of existence Paris Hilton gave music a go, didn’t she? Oof.

*photo uploaded and immediately deleted, couldn’t do it, sorry, just couldn’t look at her again.*

Though calling her an “actor” is stretching it. Like I said, old story, same results….

AH…. it’s not all failures and rotten milk, is it? Lately we had one actress who made it through, one Ms. Zooey Deschanel, who we talked about more than enough here, hell, she even made our Best Of list last year!

But Zooey’s not the only one, there’s also a mental little wild child of Hollywood, a woman who can be child-like to uber-white-trash to psycho all in one scene (or in our case, probably within one song). Yep (and obviously if you read the post title) we are talking about Juliette Lewis.

I love Juliette Lewis. Fell for her pretty hard back in Kalifornia, where she blindly followed her Early across the country while he was busy killing folks and hanging with David Duchovny.

Well, on Saturday, Baby & I had a break from all the Craftin’ Outlaws & house-selling prepage and escaped out for a date night — don’t forget to get your photos in to our photo contest!!! — and we capped it off with a showing of Drew Barrymore’s Whip-It.

In case you are in the unfamiliars, here’s the trailer…

Honestly, didn’t even know Lewis was going to be in it (a pleasant surprise).

First, a quick movie review. I’m no film cricket, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. Very cute movie, a little long, kinda brainless, loaded with movie cliches or silly attempts to bonk movie cliches, but it’s Roller Derby, it’s Drew Barrymore & it’s Lewis (and that Juno actor who I could really take or leave) and if you don’t want to watch Barrymore on roller skates kicking a bunch of asses, then well, ain’t nothin’ gonna help ya….

Lewis is the jammer for the best team (the Holy Rollers) that the Hurl Scouts find themselves in direct competition with after getting a few wins under their belt, in part due to Juno’s character, but mostly because they realize by trying a little strategy, they can actual score some points. Juno has some side plots & drama while falling hard for roller derby. Things climax, things resolve, and things move forward and it’s all in good fun. Roller Derby, as much as I already enjoy it, was never more exciting to watch.

But to sum up the movie… basically, it’s Juno meets Dodgeball minus a lot of penises. There you go.

The movie got me thinking about Lewis, how we’ve been enjoying her latest album off & on — it even popped up in a recent mixtape! — yet, we haven’t shared all the glory that is Terra Incognita!

Not sure what happened to the Licks, but Juliette’s gone solo with Terra Incognita, bringing her manic shape-shifting self in it’s full glory! Album flies around from punk, to blues, to alt-rock, and the whole thing’s got a bit of 90’s feel to it, not in a dated/clueless kinda way, more in a cool, bringin’ back a few memories kinda way. Almost like one of the ladies from Mary’s Danish branched out and did her own thing.

One thing this album exuuuudes and can’t be ignored? Is Lewis.

This ain’t Lewis pretending to be someone she thinks a musician should be, this ain’t Lewis teaming up with some hip indie or big mainstream artists to make her a musician, though it does feature the production of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from The Mars Volta. No, this is just Lewis. Take it, love it, fuck it or leave it. I don’t think she’d really care one way or the other, you know? That’s Lewis.

Is it a great album? Nah, not really, in my opinion, but it’s fun and it feels real and sometimes, that’s all you need. Here’s a few tracks that we shared before in case you missed them! Enjoy then go get the rest!

1. Romeo
2. All Is for Good
3. Ghosts
4. Fantasy Bar
5. Hard Lovin’ Woman
6. Terra Incognita
7. Uh Huh
8. Female Persecution
9. Junkyard Heart
10. Intro
11. Noche Sin Fin
12. Suicide Dive Bombers

Some Lewis Link Love for you…
Myspace | Myspace (with the Licks) | Fanpage | Label

Here’s a music video from when she was with the Licks… fun stuff.

Ah… got another one, a new one! Enjoy!

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The end…

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  1. Jet Fisher
    October 5, 2009 at 6:05 PM

    couldn't agree more. I was skeptical at first but she has proven herself. I do hope to see her as Varla in the remake of "Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill, Kill"

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