Summer Of Fear by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Photography by claudia susana

Well, I was hosting a work sponsored Ride-To-Work for sustainability today, but unfortunately nasty wind, lots of rain, and some surprisingly chilly weather forced me to postpone it to Monday where the weather looks to be MUCH better. Bummer. I went ahead & suited up and rode in anyway, and man.. it was amazing. Wind pushing me all over the place, soaked to the bone, cold, really felt like a WARRIOR! RAWR!!!


I mean…

haha! That’s better. I got to tell ya, there is NOTHING better than that warm shower after a ride like that. Looking outside, looks like I got another adventure waiting for me on the ride home tonight!

Can’t wait! Not just for the ride, but for the weekend, of course! This weekend we are doing our final (hopefully) preparations for baby & my’s first joint show at Craftin Outlaws, WOOT, plus good friend and brother to my cycling partner-in-crime Tyler Bohm will open his Strange Loop exhibition at Elements of Art tomorrow night at Gallery Hop! Here’s a scan of the promo card…

So, if you are going to Gallery Hop, or really, just in the Short North in general over the next month, make sure you stop in and check out his AMAZING plexi-glass works! Really brilliant pieces…

Speaking of brilliant, how about that Summer Of Fear by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson??

Man, I’ll admit, I missed his debut and EP and whatnot, but fortunately for me, I didn’t miss his latest effort. This one’s a tough one to describe, in one sense and maybe on the surface it’s a folk/rock gem, but beyond, a few more listens in, you start to hear all the layers and layers of subtleties, of melodies, of near anything. It’s very “American Rock”, which says absolutely nothing, I know, but you hear Petty-style Americana, you hear Lou Reed (Boat/Track 13 in particular) post-punk or whatever they called Velvet Underground, and maybe even a little bit of Springsteen in their, and there’s more — careful, I’ve been known to screw up my influence references — but none of the potential influences really take over, it’s obviously Robinson’s show, and what a show it is.

It’s a darker album, no “happy hooks” here, and is absolutely perfect for this rainy Friday, kinda acting as a sort of soundtrack as I walked from one building to the other, like I was in some movie, kinda surreal. I like that.

Okay, really want to wrap this day up, this this work week up, and get my ass back on my bike and on the road, AND I really want to dig my teeth into my leftovers I brought in for lunch…

Yep, I made Meatloaf & Sweet Potato “Meringue” Pie and it’s fucking awesome! Okay, here’s a couple tracks to get your mouth watering, then go buy the rest and let the rain fall and fall and fall..

1. Shake a Shot
2. Always an Anchor
3. The Sound
4. Hard Row
5. Trap Door
6. The 100th of March
7. Summer of Fear pt 1
8. Death by Dust
9. Summer of Fear pt 2
10. Losing 4 Winners
11. More than a Mess
12. Boat

Some MBAR Link Love…
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Ah, and check this, here’s a video of “Buriedfed” from his debut album

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