Strict Joy by The Swell Season: Well I’m heading back to pack a bag…

Photography by KeCHi

Feeling good, feeling good…. don’t ya just love that? Of course you do! Well, with a happy feeling in me bones I got myself all pumped up to listen to the new Tegan & Sara, I mean two cuties from Canuckland with some fresh fun vibes to boogie to, what can go wrong?

Unfortunately, everything. As baby would say, it was a “hot mess” and I quickly felt my happy feet cramping and my eyes wincing…. but have no fear The Swell Season was here, no not to get my arse-a-shakin’ like a polaroid picture, but to at least fill my ears with it’s chilly autumn sound with Strict Joy!

I like this… pretty straight-forward kinda-classic-folk-rock kinda thing, like they listened to alot of Fleetwood Mac at one point in their lives. No, they aren’t a knock-off band or anything, just got that over “vibe”, ya follow?

I don’t know, it’s just a warm cozy beautiful kinda sound, rather nice after some of the chilly rides/days we’ve had lately! Kinda makes you want to make some hot cocoa, toss a big fat marshmallow in there, wrap yourself up in your favourite snuggie…

Then mosie up to the fire and…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………

1. Low Rising
2. Feeling the Pull

Well I’m heading back to pack a bag
to head out on the road
to take away what I know is mine…

3. In These Arms
4. The Rain
5. Fantasy Man
6. Paper Cup
7. High Horses
8. The Verb
9. I Have Loved You Wrong
10. Love That Conquers
11. Two Tongues
12. Back Broke

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