Raditude by Weezer: I Can’t Stop Partying, Partying…

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Okay… okay… you know how here on the TSURURADIOs we like to share things we love, right? Are only exception is the vaulted tsuruloosie, where we open up to review what’s hot and hyped to make sure we, your humble music geeks, aren’t missing out on things that you, our dear readers, may want to hear! Well, I realized today I have another exception…. namely Weezer.

I love Weezer. They have been a key & critical component of my music “journey” I’ve embarked on these 36.5 years of my life. So, when Weezer (and really, ANY band I love) puts out an a new album, I think 1) I have to listen to it, 2) give it a fair shake and 3) love it, meh it, or hate it, I got to talk about it.

Last time the big =w= put out, it was a mess of an album non-affectionately called “the red album”. But me, always one to put a silver lining on an otherwise cloud of turd dust, was able to build my very own red album of the Rivers-led album tracks and the b-sides released later, calling it red(ux)..

1. Troublemaker
2. Pork and Beans
3. Pig
4. Dreamin’
5. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
6. Miss Sweeney
7. Spider
8. Heart Songs
9. Everybody Get Dangerous
10. The Angel and The One

…and all was just fine in the world. It wasn’t great, it ain’t no Maladroit, Blue, or Pinkerton, but it was fun and still “Weezer” and I was okay with it.

But that was then, and that’s certainly not now, as now is this thing called Raditude

Okay. Let’s listen…

Got it on now and I’m enjoying the first few songs. How? I’ve got it on LOUD with the heavier bass full-ear headphones I keep at work. Is it “stupid music”? Yep, I think so, but it’s just silly fun when you turn it up reeeeal loud and bass-a-rific.


Okay… I’m playing along. Holy crap, I think at around 2min at “Can’t Stop Partying”, I heard them lighting up a lighter before Weezy (it’s Weezy, right?) starts “rapping” or “laying down some lines” or whatever it’s called. Oh man oh me oh my. Just got to laugh and have fun, right?

But then I hear “Put Me Back Together” and my theory goes right out the window.



Man, he’s rhyming everything soooo hard.

When I walk down the STREET
I be trippin’ on my FEET
‘N my clothes, they don’t MATCH
And my blue jeans need a PATCH

Did he always do this? It’s like he’s going, I get so BLUE when I think of YOU, I’m out with my CREW, I hear a cow go MOO, my best friend is a JEW, his daddy’s name is LOU.

Oof. I don’t remember it being like this. Was it? If it’s old age setting in, let’s keep it that way.

Oh, the music…. so generic and hack. Sounds like guiltar work we heard a thousand times already on the Disney Channel (Rivers is the cute one, Scott’s the bad boy, etc), “Love Is The Answer” tries to mix it up with some Indian flava, and ends up making a “Come To India” commerical. I couldn’t even listen to “Let It All Hang Out” and “In the Mall”.

At all… Sigh.

It seems that, since the Red album, Rivers is trying to drop the “boy who never gets the girl” act to be the “playa playa”, you know, because he spent all the time fasting, not having sex, then marrying the girl of his dreams, and aren’t they having a baby? so it only makes since that he acts like he hangs at da club wif his bling messin’ wif da bitches, right?

Sure… why not.

Look. I’m ALL FOR adopting a persona to get inspiration. It’s fun! I’ve channeled a personality or two myself, often unintentionally, when needing a little kick in my pants when I write posts. But, I’m still me, and if this is Rivers, then who the hell was that guy on Pinkerton?

I got it on Maladroit. Geeky wanna-metalhead plays the metalhead, and it was brilliant, “ooohs” became “whoas”, and licks reigned supreme, but he was still the awkward guy and it was all fun rawking good times, not post-ironic, kinda not-ironic kinda is-this-real mall-crap that Raditude is…

Either, I don’t get this or there is nothing to get. Either way, I lose. I think the moustachioed “I’ve got big balls” Rivers character from the Red album has set up permanent residence in that fucked up manic-obsessive head of Rivers. Whatever it is, it ain’t fun, it ain’t cool, it’s annoying, bland, and occasionally cringe-inducing.

For me.

If you love it, that’s wonderful, I’m actually a little jealous, but man…. Oof.

I’m thinking there are a couple fun songs to make a sweet =w= mixtape for me (I kinda enjoyed “Tripping Down The Freeway”, “(If Your Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To”, and even “Can’t Stop Partying” a little) and after 5 or 6 or 7 listens now…. That’s all I got.

Here’s what you get with Deluxe Edition…

CD 1:
01. (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
02. I’m Your Daddy
03. The Girl Got Hot
04. Can’t Stop Partying
05. Put Me Back Together
06. Tripping Down The Freeway
07. Love Is The Answer
08. Let It All Hang Out
09. In The Mall
10. I Don’t Want To Let You Go
11. Turn Me Round

CD 2:
01. Get Me Some
02. Run Over By A Truck
03. The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World
04. The Underdogs

I’m sorry Weezer, Weezer fans, and especially to my dear readers who come here for nuffin’ but good times. Believe me, it breaks my heart to write this post and if another fave, say the Decemberists, made an album I didn’t like, I’d have to be straight with you on that too.

On the plus side…. Just loaded up Everyone All At Once by The Rest, and it’s a refreshing palatte cleansor for all the radness.

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