Mo’ Beauty by Alec Ounsworth & a house of popsicle sticks…

Photography by Damjan Momirovski

Oh man, don’t you just love those surprise albums, where you have NO IDEA what to expect, none, push play and are suddenly treated to something so fresh and so clean clean? I do! Down in our little society, me homies were talking about how much they were digging Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s Alec Ounsworth’s album Mo Beauty but I didn’t read into “what” was good about it, just that they were liking all over it.

So, finally remembering I had this on ye olde iPod, I casually spun the wheel around and got ‘er all loaded up. And ALLO Mr. Ounsworth! Glad to meet ya!

This has one of them back-alley sounds to it, like the cook is playing the pots on some of the songs. Add in a voice that’s reminscient to Aaron Thomas (a bit of a nasaly, waling voice) and you’ve got a happy Tsuru! Musically, it’s all over! Like “Me And You, Watson”, which is an organ-drenched 60/70s inspired romp, or “Idiots In The Rain” which starts off like a piano concerto before falling into a dark piano-led pop song, or the lightly & funky “South Philadelphia (Drug Days)” to the oddly modern-hip-hop starting (huh? yeah… kinda) before cruising into a Beatles-harmonized gem with “This Is Not My Home (After Bruegal)”.

One thing in particular I love about is the drums & percussion, they are mixed loud and all up in your bidness along with his voice, leaving the other instruments to just fill the space between. A very distinctive effect that glues the album into a cohesive little house of popsicle sticks.

So even when he’s throwing horns, high bass, strings, organs, pianos, kitchen sinks, or some jazzy caberet at you, it all makes sense!

Good good times….. gonna have to spend more time with this beaut, but no point in waiting to get this to you! So, enjoy the first few tracks then get the rest!

1. Modern Girl (…with scissors)
2. Bones in the Grave
3. Holy, Holy, Holy Moses (song for New Orleans)
4. That is not my Home (after Bruegel)
5. Idiots in the Rain
6. South Philadelphia (Drug Days)
7. What Fun.
8. Me and You, Watson
9. Obscene Queen Bee #2
10. When You’ve No Eyes

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