Little Moon by Grant-Lee Phillips: Three nights and a day is all…

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Well, this was a nice surprise… you know how you have artists you love but, due to the overwhelming amount of new music making it’s way to your ears, you completely forget they exist? This is potentially especially true with faves from the 90s (remember the 90s? Me neither) and so it was the case of Grant-Lee Phillips.

Back in da day (as the gramps of the world like to say), I dugged me some Grant-Lee Buffalo, dugged it gooder than gold. But over time, we lost track of Buffalo, and after his name change after his marriage to Chynna Phillips where he took on her name – very sweet and modern by the way – we just kinda forgot to K.I.T., you know?

Can you hooold on… for one more day, if you hoooold on!


Oh… I’m being told by the internets that there was no marriage to Chynna Phillips, that’s just his name and that after Grant-Lee Buffalo the band split, he just uses that. Any relation? No? Huh. Go figure. Oh well, MY “Grant-Lee Bio” is certainly more interesting.

Well, anyways, for me it’s been over 10 years since I properly gave any of Grant-Lee’s new material proper love and attention, over 10 years to reconcile seeing that Grant Lee Buffalo poster hanging in the “apartment” of one of the friends in Friends. Yeah… I caught that shit back then. At once excited and disappointed. But that was a different era, nowadays Islands could be pimpin’ Walmart and nobody’d give two shits, or hell, even half-a-turd… but I digress.

You know what? Before we continue… I think we need a little old-timey “Mockingbird” moment, eh?

Grant-Lee Buffalo – Mockingbird (via

Nice… that falsetto, eh? Damn, gorgeous, and that cello (I think). Man.

Anyways, that was a long time ago, it’s 2009 and we’ve got Phillips’ latest release Little Moon to think about!

Well, one thing is certain, time hasn’t eroded Grant-Lee’s ability to turn a melody, lay down a lyric, and basically kick some folk-rock ass! Gone is some of the bite from his Buffalo days, leaning more toward a folkier-Grant (probably something he’s been doing for a while) that would fit right in with a joint concert with Elvis Perkins! And that’s definitely a good thing.

Hey… If Elton John & Billy Joel can do it, well not do it-do it, but, oh you know what I mean, then why they hell can’t these two guys?

Someone make some calls!

Man, this album is just choc’d full of musical craftmanship… each listen is only more and more impressive. Okay, I’ll shut the hell up now and let Mr. Phillips to the jibberin’. Here’s the first couple of tracks to get you going, then go buy the rest!


01 Good Morning Happiness
02 Strangest Thing
03 Little Moon

Have fun little moon
Just to rocket away
Three nights and a day is all
Little moon…
Little moon…

04 It Ain’t The Same Old Cold War Harry
05 Seal It With A Kiss
06 Nightbirds
07 Violet
08 Buried Treasure
09 Blind Tom
10 One Morning
11 Older Now
12 The Sun Shines On Jupiter

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