Let It Beep by Royal Bangs! WOOT!

Photography by onixa

It seems like just yesterday we were fawning over We Breed Champions by Royal Bangs, yet here we are, smack dab in a chilly autumn day and Royal Bangs are already back with Let It Beep!

Dang… that was fast!

Okay…. this is pretty much an electro-dance-rock thing, right? Not normally in my wheelhouse, but holy shit this is fun. It’s ADD-central, all over the place and, as someone wrote somewhere (ah, found it, Insound), it’s “spastic”. Great word. Very appropo (another great word, which I love to use, eventhough I use it rather incorrectly).

One of my favourite moments is actually on “gorilla king”, it starts off manic and crazy, whacky sounds and rhythms, and what not, until just after the one-minute mark, it drops into this HOT old-school hip-hop beat, and suddenly you’d think Tone-Loc is going to “drop us some rhymes”. He doesn’t but man…. just wicked.

Let’s keep this one quick, wanna get right to it! Get ready to have some fun!

01 – war bells
02 – poison control
03 – my car is haunted
04 – brainbow
05 – conquest II
06 – E plus E
07 – shit xmas
08 – tiny prince of keytar
09 – 1993
10 – gorilla king
11 – waking up weird
12 – maniverse

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