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The Tsuru Nation Domination Actuation continues unabated!!!!!


Okay…. Daniel Johnston’s got a new one out, Is And Always Was, that somehow only just now made it to my ears (I blame the economy). I think it actually never properly “leaked”! Weird. Anyway, it came out yesterday, for reals, and it was yesterday that I started listening and damn if I’m not getting more and more mesmerized with each listen!

Quick note, I’m sure all the “real writers” and “rock crickets” will devote a few paragraphs to Johnston’s mental state & history and maybe even his prominent lisp. Hell, they even made a movie about him.

I’m hardly a professional writer or cricket, I’d probably screw it all up anyway, and all I really want (and should) focus on is the album at hand, so we’ll leave any disorders he may have to the Pitchforks & wikis & whatnots of the world. Well, actually, I will mention one thing though in relation to the lisp, that on this album it does seem a bit more “saliva-enhanced”. I’d imagine the reason is a result of the very nature of the recording itself.

Hey T, nice segue!

Thanks! You see, this time out, Mr. Johnston forgoes the lo-fi, bedroom/basement/bathroom/whatever recordings for a full blown production with Jason Falkner. What we end up with is, well, a quirky yet beautiful collection of songs that range from touching acoustic songs like “Mind Movies” to straight up rock like “Fake Records Of Rock & Roll” or “Without You” to quick little under-2 minute oddballs like the new version of “I Had Lost My Mind” and it’s tag-team partner “Freedom” to even the spacey ominous title track “Is And Always Was”!

Quite an amazing ride, with a full and beautiful sound that may or may not be off-putting to long time fans. No clue really…


Here’s the first few tracks, really gives you a decent idea of what’s going on and what it’s all about. Then go grab the rest and enjoy!!!

1. Mind Movies
2. Fake Records of Rock and Roll
3. Queenie The Doggie
4. High Horse
5. Without You
6. I Had Lost My Mind
7. Freedom
8. Tears
9. Is And Always Was
10. Lost In My Infinite Memory
11. Light Of Day

Some Daniel Johnston Link Love…
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Ah… and here’s a video from a song featured in the film, the original version of “I Had Lost My Mind”.

Man, quite a difference, eh?

Okay, busy boy, place to ride, people to see! Until next time…

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  1. Jet Fisher
    October 7, 2009 at 1:34 PM

    hoping the links are still up when I get off of work. I like DJ but I would never fly in a plane with him.

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