Introducing Songs From Impending Leaks by grafista: Angelika by Devandra Banhart

Hi there TSURURADIO fans!!! I’m very excited to announce the newest edition to the Tsuru Family!! No, no, NO, baby & I aren’t pregnant or anything (vasectomy took care of that, thank you), this is much better, as far as music bloggin’ goes, as we are so proud to introduce to you long time society member & graphic artist Grafista and his Songs From Impending Leaks (super awesome graphic by Grafista below). We experimented with the quick little posts of songs that have dripped out already twice, just as a little trial run, and it was so handy as, not only as a “heads up” for what’s down the pipe, but also to give you a little taste, a tiny lick at that juicy lollipop that is a full album — how many licks does it take to get the center of a new LP? 1? 2-who? 3? CRUNCH!

Now… just like the first two we shared, these posts are meant to be quick hits, not long-winded diatribes about the song (unless, of course, Graf is feeling particularly long-winded that day). Just Graf sees it, checks it, posts it, and then you enjoy it!

So, my friends, please open your arms wide and extend a warm wonderful Tsuru Hug to Grafista as

TSURURADIO Proudly Presents Grafista’s…

Graphic by grafista

Greetings! Today’s song from an impending leak is…

Devendra Banhart – Angelika

Is it folk, psych-folk, latin or jazz? I’d say it’s all in one, Mr. Banhart is back, nothing more. So, until the album ‘What Will We Be’ shows up, I will keep on singing Ange-liiii-kaaaa.


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