In The Valley Of Sickness by Thomas Function: Your eyes, open so wide…

Photography by Camila

I love the cold. I really do. When I tell people I’m an “aspiring Canadian”, I mean it like a peanut. But I’m a little annoyed. It seems like, for the 2nd year in the row, at least Columbus is going from Summer right into Winter. One of the best things about leaving Florida for the “Great Midwest” was seasons. No longer was it horrible heat & humidity of Florida Summer for 9 months, followed by a few months of Summer-lite, with maybe a cold snap here and there where we had to “cover the strawberry crop”.

But here, it’s 4 seasons, and since I moved up there 5 1/2 years ago, they were pretty even, some Spring, some Summer, some Winter, then some Fall, repeat, that is at least until I got into cycling. Last Fall was cold with even snow in October, never letting up until April! This year seems to be on the same path with our local weather talking heads suggesting a “white Halloween”. Unless they are just a bunch of racists, they are saying snow in October again!

Ugh. Not yet…. Not yet…. Please. Give me 60s and 70s and colours, oranges, reds, yellows, with the last of the greens. Give me one last warm front to create what I believe these northerners call “An Indian Summer” (did I get that right?)

But it ain’t looking good, my friends. I’ve already had to pull out the tights, leg warmers, arm warmers, and the “serious gloves” for my rides. But I’ll ride, cold wind induced tears running down my face, I’ll ride.

Riding in yesterday was a tough one… Cold, head-windy, and I swear it felt like someone has taken a baseball bat to my thighs. I was paying for those hammer-fest on Sunday & Monday. I forget that I’m getting older, that my body needs time to heal, but dammit, my sister’s coming to town tonight, it’s Craftin’ Outlaws Saturday, I don’t know if I’ll be able to ride again until Monday! I’ve got to ride!

If not, oh man, the withdrawals….. Worse than crack, I swear.

Well, thank lardy lardy for the music, like a beautiful fire with fresh wood and a hot shower all combined. Nothing much better than putting on clean warm clothes after a cold ride and a shower, plopping on the headphones, and listening to something new AND awesome! So was the case with In The Valley Of Sickness by Thomas Function!

Smooth transition there, eh? I’m smooooooooth…. Seriously, I have like NO BODY HAIR. Well, there are those 3 hair on my chest Baby likes to pluck. Fucking hurts.

Huh? Oh yeah, Thomas Function! Ah, how to talk about this one? Smart power-pop, dipped in batter, then deep-fried? Sure! Why not. Not quite to fried Snickers level…

But definitely fried something, maybe fried Coke?

Because THAT required some smarts. To be honest, always wanted to try a fried Snickers bar, betcha it’s heart-stopping fantastic. For now, I’ll stick to funnel cake and churros, but one day I’ll step up and give it a go.

Anyway, back to In The Valley Of Sickness — man I’m all OVER the place today? — if there’s one thing, one little itty-bitty word to describe this album… well, it’s just fun. That’s it, hooky-pop-rock-fried-goodness chocked full o’ fun. Sometimes, that’s all you need!

Enjoy the first few tracks, then go buy the rest!

1. ADP Blues

2. Day In The Shade

Your eyes, open so wide…

3. Picking Scabs
4. Waverly
5. Ew Way Ew
6. Belly Of The Beast
7. When I Was A King
8. How Does It Feel
9. Magic City
10. Two Pigs
11. Not Asking For Much
12. No End In Sight

A little viddy vid…

Aaaan some Functional Thomas Link Love…
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Fat Possum’s got a few tour dates up… Go check ’em!

10/17/09 (Sat) Portland, OR, VICE Scion Garage Festival
10/19/09 (Mon) Oakland, CA, Stork Club
10/20/09 (Tue) San Francisco, CA, Hemlock Tavern
10/21/09 (Wed) Sacramento, CA, Blue Lamp
10/25/09 (Sun) San Diego, CA, Bar Pink Elephant
10/26/09 (Mon) Phoenix, AZ, Modified
10/29/09 (Thu) Lubbock, TX, Bash Riprocks
10/30/09 (Fri) Dallas, TX, Lounge on Elm Street
11/02/09 (Mon) Houston, TX, Mango’s
11/03/09 (Tue) New Orleans, LA, Saturn Bar
11/04/09 (Wed) Mobile, AL, Alabama Music Box

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