Guest Writer Penguin Presents… Winterhwila by Fontan!

Once again, we here at TSURURADIO are very proud to introduce 6th – or is it 7th? – in a series of guest writers from our beloved communities found in Our Society, on the Facebooks, and in the Twitter. Another from our psychedelic obsessee, Penguin! What about you? Got an album you are just dying to talk about, a mixtape you’ve been aching to share, a song with a special meani? Come on in, hang out with us, and let’s see what we can do! But for now, it’s Penguin’s turn as…

Penguin Presents… Winterhwila by Fontan

Here’s a short overview of the new album by Fontan called Winterhwila. I actually bought the cd instead of downloading from iTunes, and I have to admit, the cd and cover artwork is phenomenal.

The album has lots of positive sides as well as negative features to it. Thus it doesn’t deserve a pure 5/5.

Lets start with the good. For a modern psychedelic album, it knows its boundaries very well – not to deep or shallow. In addition, the quality of the sound and mastering is off the hook! I’ve never heard such clear use of reverb before.

However, the band can improve on several things. For one, there was nearly no singing. Instruments are definitely important in music, but a voice can make or break the entire song.

Two, all the tracks sound very similar. It reminds me of certain classical music compositions, where a variation on a theme can go on for an hour!

I’m not a man of many words, so just take a listen for yourself. Also add me on twitter.

Full tracklist…

1. Backustugu
2. …You Too
3. Early Morning
4. Neanderthaler
5. Land of the Dragon
6. The Bridge
7. Neon Snakes
8. Nightrider

The album is available as a cd and for download on many websites including iTunes!


Thanks so much Penguin!! Quick and to the point! Love it! And, for my dear readers… Here’s a little Fontan Link Love…
Myspace | Official | Buy | LP


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