Guest Writer fuck Presents… Patent Pending by Heavens!

Happy Saturday! That’s right, we here at TSURURADIO are very proud to introduce our 4th in a series of guest writers from our beloved communities found in Our Society, on the Facebooks, and in the Twitter. I said it twice, I said it thrice, and now I’ll say it forths! I think the music lovers in our communities make up some of the most wonderful, unique, and beautiful folks in all of the super information highway of intertubes, I really do! Got an album you are just dying to talk about, a show you saw, a mixtape you’ve been aching to share? Come on in, hang out with us, and let’s see what we can do! But for now, it’s fuck’s turn as…

fuck Presents… Patent Pending by Heavens!!!

Remember 2006? I think most of us were pretty busy listening to The Crane Wife, Return to Cookie Mountain, Shut Up I Am Dreaming, and everything in between. It’s easy to imagine why the side-project of an aging pop-punk guitarist is so easily overlooked – especially if it was released on Epitaph Records. Sounds like a recipe for mediocrity, doesn’t it?

Patent Pending (the only album of the now-defunct duo Heavens) is, at it’s worst, pleasantly mediocre. Charmingly mediocre, if you will. At it’s best, it calls back to bleak post-punk of the 1980s, with all the recorded grace of basement-songs never before attempted live. A drum machine, two or three panned guitar tracks, an unassuming bass line, and infrequent keyboard make up nearly all of the instrumentation, and above that, Matt Skiba sings about an octave below his usual charred punk-tenor. It’s pleasant on headphones, laptop speakers, and in the car, and most importantly, it’s a far cry from Skiba’s band, Alkaline Trio.

But Skiba doesn’t stray far from the gothic fantasies he’s written about for years. Complete with skeletons clawing their way to the surface, knives hiding in flesh, dying trees, and the number 666 (to name a few cliches), the theme of the album is darkly juvenile and sarcastic in a way that all of us grew-out-of-our-Converse former punk fans can understand.

Appreciation of The Cure, Joy Division, or New Order is not required, and not surprisingly, Heavens does better when not compared to it’s perhaps classier older brothers. But don’t let that (or it’s pop-punk connections) get in the way…Patent Pending is a great work of 21st century retroaction, and it deserves a fair shake now as it did in 2006.

Much love,

1. Gardens
2. Counting
3. Heather
4. Patent Pending
5. Dead End Girl
6. Doves
7. Another Night
8. Annabelle
9. Watching You
10. True Hate
11. Leave

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1 comment for “Guest Writer fuck Presents… Patent Pending by Heavens!

  1. Matt
    October 10, 2009 at 1:47 PM

    Bravo! This is a fantastic and over-looked album.

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