Gorilla Manor by Local Natives: I want you back…

Photography by THEEOS300400D

ALLOO!!! Busy busy boy, lots of prepping for Craftin’ Outlaws! Building displays, printing photos, and shootin’ more photos! Nutty nutty cocoa puffy! But just because your boy’s running around like a headless chicken, don’t mean we aren’t enjoying some new music that keeps on popping down the pipes! This time around it’s Gorilla Manor by Local Natives that seems to have gotten stuck on repeat!

Finding this one tough to describe… Leon, down in our Society, compared them to Fanfarlo… I tend to agree, but there’s an element of Fleet Foxes, maybe, kinda, not really, but then there are moments like “Sun Hands” where I SWEAR I’m hearing my dear beloved indie-prog??? Yeah, you see, it’s a bit all over. Switch ups and melody and folk-rock and, and, and….

Ultimately, it’s the harmonies that mark the album and yeah, it may get a little spotty here and there, but I kinda like that, you know? Just a really interesting album, needs a little more love, a little more marinating, here’s the first few songs to get you going.

I’ve got some photos to print!!! YIKES!

01. Wide Eyes
02. Airplanes

I want you back

03. Sun Hands
04. World News
05. Shape Shifter
06. Camera Talk
07. Cards And Quarters
08. Warning Sign
09. Who Knows Who Cares
10. Cubism Dream
11. Stranger Things
12. Sticky Thread

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