Dear TSURURADIO Readers… Happy Halloweenies!

Well, tomorrow’s Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve and stuff! And whether or not you are gonna “slut it up a bit” for the good of the economy as demonstrated by the unimitatable Coco..

or maybe got a little more hard sci-fi…

Or… not so “hard” sci-fi…

Or… maybe you have a thing for muppets?

Or… more of a period piece?

Though, in my opinion, if you are going that route, might as well be a couple of douches, eh?

Speaking of genitals…

I’m sensing a theme there… but maybe you need something more topical?

Or is that too cheesy… if so, tough to go wrong with superheros, right?

I stand corrected. Well, like this baby here…

You can go the animalia route? Right?

Yeah, wrong. Not sure what’s more disturbing, the pose, the expression, the ill-fitted tigger outfit, the spiderman bikini briefs or the spy kids poster in the back??

Well anyways….. Whatever you do this Halloween, have fun, take pictures, be safe, but most important…


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