Barn Nova by MV & EE and the Knight Riders!!!

Photography by Sabina

Man…. a gorgeous, gorgeous day on Wednesday, high of 71, leaves at their peak Autumn colour-changing time, lots of wonderful cycling to be had, day & night, got to take advantage of the goodness while the goodness is there to be taken advantage of! Yes, much like a frat boy to a drunk frat girl — is that what they are called, “frat girls”? — I rode my patootie off before the rain & wind & cold come rushing back in like a hangover on that same poor frat girl the very next morning when she wakes up with that dude from her Gordon Rule English class who’s always picking his nose.

Poor girl. Hope he put a rubber on it.

Anyways, like I was saying, a beautiful, fast, fun, & super-dark 40 miles last night of pedaling along in the dark, Knight Rider style! What? You aren’t familiar with Knight Riding? Oh, it’s a wonderfully stupid thing Tuck & I do on our bikes where we hit the bike path in the dark (usually, in the cold, but not last night) and with a our little lights sitting on handle bars, and no other light around, we weave along the vacant bike path at less than intelligent speeds.

Yes, yes, stupid…. but man, so, so fun. You ride, eyes pulled WIDE open, watching for every turn, nook, and cranny on the path, chasing each other up and out north to “the climb” (a nasty quarter mile 11% climb just outside the top of the bike path), which we attack until we want to vomit our hearts and lungs onto the pavement, cutting off our legs, and swearing off bike riding forever and ever… until we recover and ride some more.


Got a long cold winter of riding ahead of me, I’m sure as hell going to take advantage of any pleasantries and fun the weather is willing to toss my way before winter settles in once and for all! Legs be damned!

Speaking of…. oh, I don’t know, let’s say legs, or fun, or pleasantries… damn, no good segue here, but I gots to tell you about some trippy-dippy-hippie shit that came across my ears the past couple o’ days with Barn Nova by MV & EE!

Seriously, not sure what else to say to this… Listen to “Bedroom Eyes” and close your eyes, trip some balls, and imagine yourself at, oh I don’t know, Woodstock, or watching a Woodstock documentary or whatever. This is mushroom music. That’s not to say the whole album is, but it has this “live in a different era” kinda feel to the whole thing… I wasn’t sure I liked it at first, but as it played and played and transported me again and again to the world of leather fringe vest (no undershirt), crappy round sunglasses, and authentic bell-bottoms, I had to give credit where it’s due.

It’s one thing to mimic a sound, it’s a whole ‘nother thing to NOT-mimic it, yet still pull me there anyway. Pretty amazing. So, get out your metaphorical mushrooms, do a hit of figurative acid, smoke your bongs or other phallic devices, load ‘er up and grooooooooooove………………………


Now if you’ll excuse, I feel the urge to join a commune or kibbutz or something…

1. Feelin’ Fine
2. Get Right Church

Get right church
and let’s go home…

3. Snapperhead
4. Summer Magic
5. Wandering Nomad
6. Bedroom Eyes
7. Fully Tanked
8. You Feel

Ah, and a little viddy vid for ya!

Sweet, eh? Now, here’s some MV & EE Link Love, get clickin’!
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