A final thought on Weezer then we move on to Everyone All At Once by The Rest: Don’t hesitate to climb my way…

Photography by Amanda Schaaf

A final thought on Weezer….

Yesterday was a little heart-breaking, I know. They say “breaking up is hard to do” and as horrible as a cliche that is, there’s tons of trufus to the rufus in it, you know? BUT, like all good break-ups, and I mean ALL OF THEM, out of the rubble of a broke-down and boogered-up relationship shall a mixtape rise again…

Like a phoenix rising out of the…. wait. We always hear about a phoenix rising, but what do they rise “from”? Just the ground? Not very interesting is it? Hmmmmm…. or do they rise from ashes? Is that it? I think so. Not sure I understand why. Oh well, where was we?

Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, so will a Weezer mixtape rise up into our ear canals and bounce around like a Mexican jumping bean on a hot pan!

Mmm… fajitas.

Wait, what are we talking about? Weezer… mixtapes… yeah! So, stay tuned, my fine feathered friends, stay tuned like a…. oh never mind.

But, like I said yesterday, today’s little obsession turned out to be quite the palette cleansor after all that “Radness” we sat through yesterday. So, it’s with much glee — no, not that TV show… I don’t get that at ALL — that we share a little love for Everyone All At Once by The Rest!

Why? It’s just got a beautiful mix of that “clean” Scandinavian sound — though I have no idea where these guys are from, haven’t looked it up yet — combined with a certain music depth, complexity, and that ever present feeling of something “epic” just around the corner.

Oh hey, just looked them up to get the link love below all set up…. They are from Ontario! Figures. I’m like a skeeter to a blue light of death when it comes to Canuck Indie. Oh my.

Anywhos…. simply beautiful music and wonderfully refreshing. Check out the first couple songs but then go get the rest, the whole album is just gorgeous.

1. Coughing Blood / Fresh Mountain Air
2. Modern Time Travel (Necessities)

Don’t hesitate
to climb my way…

3. Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing
4. Phonetically, Phonetically
5. Apples & Allergies
6. Drinking Again
7. Blossom Babies Part Two
8. Walk on Water (Auspicious Beginnings)
9. The Lady Vanishes
10. Everything All At Once
a) The Last Great Cocoa Owl Job
b) In My Attic, Souvenirs

The Rest of the Link Love…
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