Where The Wild Things Are by Karen O And The Kids… Just don’t fuck with A Fly Went By, you hear me Hollywood?!?!?!

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So by now you know there’s a movie based on the revered & loved children’s book Where The Wild Things Are, right? Of course you do. We all do, every blog, including this one, and their mother’s blog has shared trailers, discussed the use of the Arcade Fire song in those trailers, and now talked about how Karen O. from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has created an original soundtrack for the movie.

But juuuuuust in case you missed the trailers, here’s one.

Cute, eh? A couple points of confession.

1. I’m not the biggest Where The Wild Things Are fan. I liked the book fine, read it to my kids and whatnot, but I confess I do not have any emotional attachment to the book. Maybe I’m a smidge too old? Or maybe it’s because I’m more attached to A Fly Went By?

With it’s twisting use of words, it’s crazy build up of animals all chasing after each other, completely oblivious to the real reason for the mayhem… Just love it, still do. I find fewer books that are more fun to read outloud to a group of kids than this one….

NOTE TO HOLLYWOOD: Please… PLEASE do NOT make this into a movie, hip indie-music types and stylish directors or not, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Confession 2, related to the soundtrack…. I’m not a Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan. Nothing I can do about that. Tried here and there, and tried again, but not getting it. BUT, this is not the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this is just Karen O and her “kids” making music for a children’s book adapted into a full blown moobie.

Real quick, the deets on who the hell has their grubby hands in and on this album. As reported by Pitchfork who reported Rolling Stone, “Karen O’s “kids” include Deerhunter/Atlas Sound mastermind Bradford Cox and Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Folk Implosion collaborator Imaad Wasif. Rolling Stone has a long and exciting list of other contributors that Karen recruited. It includes fellow YYYs Nick Zinner and Brian Chase, Dead Weather/Raconteurs members Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence, Liars’ Aaron Hemphill, the Bird and the Bee’s Greg Kurstin, Services’ Tristan Bechet, and Gris Gris’s Oscar Michel, as well as a children’s choir. According to Rolling Stone, Karen O composed all the music and co-produced it along with the Afternoons’ Tom Biller.”

There, we are all up to speed, now let’s give this bad boy a listen.

What’s really great about the album…. It plays like a movie. It really does. I have no idea if the songs are in order of the movie or not (I assume so), but listening now for the 5th or 8th time through or something, I feel like I’ve seen the movie or just experience the book in music form!

That’s impressive.

Soundtracks tend to be compilations of cool modern music (mainstream, indie, or otherwise, depends on the movie) with some odd songs that are specific to a memorable scene (like 500 Days of Summer throwing in a Hall & Oates track).

For this, Karen O. and her crew deserve lots of credit… if the movie didn’t exist, this could easily have just been a concept album based on the book Where The Wild Things Are, you follow?

Considering I haven’t seen the movie and won’t until next month, this is really all I got to go by. And for that, it’s really fantastic. Each listen gives you more and more, little subtleties and sounds that you may have missed their first time through. Random kids yelling, what sounds like a recording of people just playing with sticks in the woods, that kinda thing….

My only complaints? One, at times it sounds a little TOO calculated, but only here and there. It’s only a little distraction the first time or so through and that may just be my Hollywood-jaded brain speaking.

My other complaint is actually related to the movie. It’s the boy in the movie… well… he’s annoying me. First the trailers then in a few tracks on the soundtrack where the boy seems to be a sick mix of young Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone and the Disney channels view that a kid that yells is an entertaining kid.

Take “Animal”, where if you ignore the part where the adult voice (presumably one of the monsters) says “Look at him, so delectable, so chewable…” in a rather unpleasent moment out of context of the movie, you still have the boy shrilling out “BE STIIIIILL!!!”


A little too Zack & Cody for my taste..

By the way, it happens again on “Rumpus”. Is that how they did the casting?

“Okay, next! Alright, you… Yell.”


“Great, you got the role.”

Okay, kid aside, we are still very excited to see the movie, it looks beautiful and I’m assuming the kid does more than just yell. But for now, all we just got this amazing soundtrack. So, here’s the first two songs to, uh, “set the scene”, but then go see the movie, buy the rest of the album, etc, etc…. Really amazing.

01. Igloo
02. All Is Love
03. Capsize
04. Worried Shoes
05. Rumpus
06. Rumpus Reprise
07. Hideaway
08. Cliffs
09. Animal
10. Lost Fur
11. Heads Up
12. Building All Is Love
13. Food Is Still Hot
14. Sailing Home

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