Update: Clem’s all better and Islands is still kicking me in the nuts….

Quick update to everyone concerned about Clementine’s health and well-being… Thank you so much for all the cards and flowers! ;)

I took her into roll, got her all trued, tuned, and texas-tea (cost? $14 for a new tube and some CO2 refills, I love free 3 year service plans). She’s all ready for the ride home — but are my legs? — and for Pedal for Pets. Only took a few minutes, probably less if I hadn’t been jibber-jabberin’ with Stan who was my mechanic.

Turns out, Stan’s races bikes, which is cool, but appealing to my bike porn fetish, he’s also a steel frame maker! He’s actually working on building his own light-weight steel racing bikes & his own team! I got a link to his site and just seeing the logo/headbadge (posted up above & below, respectively) I knew I was going to like this.

He’s got a blog tied into the site that will let you follow the progress of the builds. Total bike geekery going on, but if that’s your thing, you’ll be a happy camper. Check it all out here:

the site & the blog

Thanks Stan, for taking care of Clem and putting up with a chatty customer (me)… And thanks for the freee sweet Mavic skewers for her, got her lookin’ all pro & shit!

Oh, and by the way… no tsuruloosies or videos this afternoon. Sorry.

Why? Because Islands is on disgusting repeat, nothing else, over and over. The “On Foreigner” / “Heartbeat” combo, where at first the autotune was freakin’ me out, is now blowin’ my freakin’ miiiiiind and kickin’ me in the nuts! I’m loving this album more and more with each go! Oh my. So, posting anything else would be a big fat lie and that’s not how your boy-eeeee rolls.

About time to go riding! Talk to you later!

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