TSURURADIO Presents… Leaving New York, Never Easy Mixtape (Formerly TSURUCAST No. 9)!!!

Photography by Tsuru

Well, my friends, it’s Friday…. Finally. Why do the short weeks seem so long? Yesterday morning literally seems like it was days ago, weird, eh? But, regardless and whatever, we are here and it’s time for another wonderful weekend fill with Tsuru Nation Domination Actuation with 1) dropping off artwork for the cnote art show at Junctionview Studios on Sept 25-27 — didn’t you notice the new “Events” button over to your rigth? — 2) potentially having another “Motel Girls” shoot on Sunday, 3) another Tsuru Tsycling adventure, this time riding bikes for an animal shelter, and of course 4) Baby continuing & expanding her awesome product line and Etsy success!

Alot, I know! Exciting stuff! In between all of that, of course, is lots snugglin’ and smoochin’ time! HA!

You should know by now, I’m not one to dwell in the past too much. I love the past, I love what it has made of me, and what not, but I tend to live with one cleat snapped into the pedal of the present and the other looking a smidgen to what’s next. BUT, forgetting the past, ignoring it, instead of just embracing it, is a foolish man’s past time — see what I did there?

So, as it was, the other day I was looking around in our little external hard-drive and stumbled upon my old podcasts, affectionately called TSURUCASTS. You guys remember these?

For those that do and wonder, “yeah, T, what the fuck happened to those delicious nuggets of musical goodness?” Well, I had a problem with them. The first iterations came about when I got mixing software, so it was just songs flowing into the next, which I loved so much that it became the standard practice for our mixtapes, right? Then we started adding sounds and what not that I was recording, which I really love as well and then ALSO became a pretty standard feature for our mixtapes!

So, the next logical step would have been to go more traditional and jibber-jabber on in between songs and honestly, one of the reason I don’t listen to the radio anymore is because the last thing I want to hear is some disc jockey jabbering on about anything.

So… I moved on and the podcasts went away, leaving our mixtapes to carry the torch.

Now, I’ll admit, I’m pretty proud of some of these podcasts. They are odd little boogers, for sure, but they were certainly fun, coming up with a theme, our little theme song (a parody of “Mexican Radio”), taking my little portable cassette recorder around with me recording things, and generally just being as silly/fun/creative/etc as I could with them!

One in particular, the one we are sharing today, I thought came out really good. I went on a one day trip up to New York for a trade show and decided to record it. What I found when I converted the tape to mp3 was I got some pretty interesting sounds that, in my humble opine, really captured my experiences in that congested, crowded city. So, a little theme song addition and some really bad poetry later, TSURUCAST No. 9 Leaving New York, Never Easy was birthed! Check out the tracklist…

Well, I gave it a good listen yesterday, and outside the really cringe-worthy sound of my voice reading that really (and I mean, REALLY) bad poetry as Jeremy Enigk’s “Heaven” is wrapping up, I had a really good time! So… for today, for you, my dear beloved readers, I imported her up, cut, labeled, exported, tagged, zipped, and uploaded it all up last night and now I’m re-presenting it to you in handy mixtape form!


Here’s the deal though, I screwed up. When I did the renaming and retagging, for some reason I though “Tonight You Belong To Me” was Josh Ritter. It ain’t. It’s Bird And The Bee. Though I fixed the mp3 in the individual links, I didn’t have time to fix the zip that was already uploaded. So, when you grab the full thing, just make a quick fix of the filename and ID tag and you’ll be good to go!

That’s it! Let’s get this Friday on and over and get our weekend kickin’ up into high gear! For all you in Columbus looking for a good reason to get on your bikes for a good reason to go ride 5, 10, 20, or even 40 miles tomorrow morning, come on out and Pedal For Pets!

I know we poked a little fun at that graphic (oof), but in all honesty, you can’t ask for a better way or reason to get on your bike. Charity rides, not only give some money to a good cause, but is almost always loaded with food and fluids and support and friendly people to help make sure that 1) you finish alive and well and 2) you have a good time doing it! If it’s not Pedal For Pets, find one in your area and do it. Trust me…

Okay, have a great weekend everyone! Have fun, go riding, and we’ll be talkin’ to you soon! If not here, definitely in Our Society, on the Facebooks, or even on the Twitters! But let’s get to the music now as…

Leaving New York, Never Easy Mixtape (Formerly TSURUCAST No. 9)!!!!
(Full Zip)


01 Introduction & Theme Song – AC Newman – Take On Me – Boarding
02 Clem Snide – Born A Man – Take Off
03 Elvis Perkins In Dearland – 1, 2, 3, Goodbye
04 Beirut – The Concubine
05 Neutral Milk Hotel – Where You’ll Find Me Now – NY Traffic No 1
06 Heartless Bastards – Out At Sea
07 Gustaf Spetz – Burn It, Crush It, Smash It
08 Here We Go Magic – Everything’s Big – NY Traffic No 2
09 Jeremy Enigk – Heaven – Some Really Bad Poetry
10 Kittens Ablaze – This Machine Is Dying
11 Violent Femmes – World Without Mercy – Catching A Taxi To La Guardia Airport
12 REM – Leaving New York – This Is Your Captain Speaking
13 Patrick Watson – Daydreamer
14 BING – Rocky Horror Picture Show – I’m Going Home
15 Bird And The Bee – Tonight You Belong To Me – Theme Song (Reprise)

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2 comments for “TSURURADIO Presents… Leaving New York, Never Easy Mixtape (Formerly TSURUCAST No. 9)!!!

  1. The Dadada
    September 18, 2009 at 7:52 PM

    Excellent! Downloading now…can't wait to hear it!

  2. Xtine's Adventures in Music
    September 19, 2009 at 7:03 PM

    I love your mixes! and now i'll have some music for my million hour flight (going across the ocean)…

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