tsuruloosies… Weekend Leakage Edition!

Hi! Did you have a good weekend? We sure did! Chicago, though not very fruitful for the Tsuru Nation Domination (not the biggest sales and the photoshoot ended up being a no go), but it was certainly a success as far as Baby & Me time goes! Had a blast hanging out in Chicago — though lard knows the parking & traffic situation there leaves MUCH to be desired. Oh well, big city life I s’pose.

While there, two things happened that I’d like to share with you…

First, I gave my Fuji instant camera a serious workout! The highlight was the architectural boat tour where I grabbed the following photos, check it out…. Not in order or labeled yet, sorry!

Pretty cool, eh? Click it to zoom in. Chicago, the home of the skyscraper, has it all! From art deco, art deco revival, modern, post-modern, the works! Yeah, pretty cool, indeed…

The second thing was the ridiculous number of leaks that found their way on the intertubes this weekend! Holy spring-rollies! So, in a pathetic effort to get caught up — and I mean pathetic! I have no idea where to even begin! — we are doing a quick tsuruloosies… weekend leakage edition! WOOT! This is just a random sample song from just SOME of the albums that made their way to the world wide super informational highway systems of webs…

You mean there’s more?

Yeah! There is! Nuts, eh? How’s one to keep up with all the goings on? Man, I hope none of these are “best of decade” material, or the folks at Gorilla Vs. Bear, Pitchfork, et al, are gonna have some serious egg on their face, eh? Ha!

I got lots of albums to listen to, but for now, let’s just check out a song from the ones that caught my eye…

Sufjan Stevens – Movement I – In The Countenance Of Kings

Pretty orchestra stuff, not really my cup o’ tea. My brows don’t go that high… I’m sure it’s amazing, but flies well above my sorry head. Gotta pull out…


Monsters Of Folk – Baby Boomer

“Supergoup” of sorts finally leaks out, a modern day Traveling Wilburys? Possibly…. Possibly.

Grant-Lee Philips – Little Moon

Mr. Philips still keeps the buffalo away doing his thang. Pretty chill song (and title track). Lovely, lovely, something to sing to your daughter…

Pearl Jam – Gonna See My Friend

Lead off track from one of our favourite original seattlelitian “alt-rock-grunge-etc” bands. *shrug* Feels kinda empty. *shrug* Yeah, I shrugged twice.

Willard Grant Conspiracy – Skeleton

Zzz……….. Huh? Wha? Zzzz….. Damn. Bummer.

Slaraffenland – Stars And Smiles

Wake me up Slaraffenland! Okay, “wake up” might have been a poor choice of words. But interesting? Fuck yeah. Love these guys, never let me down. Just something beautiful wrapped in every song.

Young Galaxy – Destroyer

Actually, the first album I started listening too, pretty bad ass, very different from the first album. I think “Destroyer” is actually a pretty good taste test. You like it? Listen to the rest! Fun stuff!

Califone – Giving Away The Bride

No clue what’s goin’ on, but I likes it! Given this one a 3 for now, but I’m feeling good times are going to come with this album. Just something different here… Hmmm…

Kurt Vile – Overnight Religion

This made one of our mixtapes, cool. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar

This would be one of those “anticipated” and “hyped” follow-ups the blogs will be talking about. Don’t remember liking the first one (or whatever number the last album was), but let’s see where this lead-off track takes us? Listening….. listening….. trying to “get it”….. 5 wheelies to 4…. 4 to 3… 3 to 2…. c’mon song, do something for fuck button’s sake….. please? 5 minutes 20 seconds in, a new noise is added. I’m trying, guys…. I really am. But I’m not getting it. 2 wheelies to one…. This song won’t end, will it? Minute left, it’s slowing down. Maybe I need to be on “E” to enjoy this? Zone out in a trance-like state on da dance flo’? 20 seconds left. 10… 2… 0! NEXT!

Do Make Say Think – Do

Epic, awesome, etc. Made our last mixtape, already fawned over in a previous tsuruloosie feature. I’m covered… 5 wheelies, bitches!

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2 comments for “tsuruloosies… Weekend Leakage Edition!

  1. Matt
    September 15, 2009 at 1:12 PM

    Great photos (I noticed you got the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot buildings in a nearly identical shot). You're a very talented photog.

  2. Alissa
    September 16, 2009 at 5:26 AM

    Beat city, now now!… (Ferris Bueller)


    I always thought it was "Big City," and it sounded like it was by X. Now I know the truth.

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