River Raid & Bonfires On The Heath by The Clientele: How my gonna get myself to sleep?

Photography by Scott James Prebble

With the short week and the ROOOOAD TRIIIIIP! to Chicago this weekend — if there’s ONE thing I learned from movies, besides that all romantic problems can be solved with a last minute chase down to the airport/train station/crowded room/big event where you profess your love in front of a bunch of strangers, is that this is how you have to say “road trip”, you know — been trying to ride without rest days (not so easy when you are a lofty 36 year old), but today, weirdest thing, kept having things cross my path, people, cars, buses, but fortunately, no black cats. It was like a game of River Raid, but I didn’t have a gun attached to the front of my bike…

How awesome would that be, just ride along, BEEYOO-BEEYOO! BEEYOO-BEEYOO! But alas, life is not an Atari 2600 video game…. the only similarities would be the crash if I ran into those obstacles. No worries, Clementine & I arrived alive and well, but, to all you jaywalking pedestrians, I know the cars just passed your ass and you think now’s the time to make a go for it across the 7 lanes, but if you see a dude with a very bright red CANADA jersey on a white & orange bike with blinky lights and shit coming at you, maybe wait just a coooooouple more seconds, eh? Just a thought.

Maybe I should get one of those hideous Rock Racing outfits, neon green with “Cadillac” scrawled across my belly…

People will think I’m a car and wait for 3 more seconds?


Oh well, movin’ on… because helping massage out my weary legs today is a gem of a little album by The Clientele and their latest effort, Bonfires On The Heath!

I’m not that familiar with their back cataglogue — I know, shame on me — but that’s going to have to change as I find myself rather mesmerized by this trippy & occasionally slightly funky album. Is it just me, or do they have a slight Beulah thing going on? But, could just be my rampant imagination getting the best of me… Or, maybe it’s Beulah that had a slight Clientele thing going on? Either/Or, a fun and pretty easy album to fall into on a beautiful & breezy late Summer’s day.

Speaking of, lunch is calling my name — Mmm…. turkey, banana pepper, and hot brown mustard sandwich.. — and I’m a hungry mungry. So, enjoy the first few tracks then head on out to your local record shop or some internet place or Merge or something and get the rest!

01 “I Wonder Who We Are”
02 “Bonfires on the Heath”

Kids all jumping bonfires on the eve
Kids all jumping bonfires on the eve
How my gonna get myself to sleep?

03 “Harvest Time”
04 “Never Anyone But You”
05 “Jennifer & Julia”
06 “Sketch”
07 “Tonight”
08 “Share the Night”
09 “I Know I’ll See Your Face”
10 “Never Saw Them Before”
11 “Graven Wood”
12 “Walking In The Park”

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