My brief love affairs, questioning whether or not I am a novelty, & threadbare by Port O’Brien: I think my will is good…

Photography “The Break Up” by InaWhile

Been thinking about my relationship… No, no, not with TsuruBride, silly pants, my relationship with the snarky/overtly-quirky/gimmicky blogs of the world. You know which one’s I’m talking about, right? Blogs like Pitchfork, Perez Hilton, Hipster Runoff, Stuff White People Like, Bikesnob NYC, etc, etc, etc, the ones who bring the quips and are chock full o’ gimmicks.

I find that with every one of these “relationships”, I’m going through the same motions, they all follow the same projectory for me… it’s weird. First I hear of, get a link to, somehow wind up at the site that I “must check out”. It starts off slow, usually due to all the insider lingo that I’m not quite privy too yet, little sayings and things they use, that take a little time to get the hang of, but then shortly after, it clicks and I found myself going back and reading pages and pages of their posts, dropping into their history, seeing all the juicy tidbits and hilarity I missed – so much loss time!!! SMOOCHY SMOOCHY

*insert heavy tongue action here*

Now this period, can go for days or months, usually depends on the depth of the writing or how vital some of the information I get from the site is to me.

Suddenly, and surprisingly, I get a little bored, things start to seem a little re-hashy, yeah, yeah, you already made that joke 40 times, but a few good posts keep me going until one day *POOF* I’m done. I read their newest post stone-faced, completely emotionless, and actually skim around, maybe check the comments (wading past the “1st!”, “FIRST!”, and “F1RST!”) to see if there is anything interesting being said or linked to. Then… I just stop going.

Here, I built a graph…

Oh sure, I’ll still pop in once in a blue moon and see if something’s changed, but odds are it hasn’t. Or, like in Pitchfork’s case, I’ll go check their news portion to see what news they are regurgitating for me, as part of being a “music blogger” is seeing what’s up, but 10 seconds later or so, I’m gone again. I’m like jesus, just a thief in the night.

But then it dawned on me. That chart represents pretty much every relationship a real human has had with ME my whole stinking life! Someone finds me, slowly starts to “get me”, then when it clicks, I’m the greatest thing since Doritos Collisions Hot Wings & Blue Cheese – 2 flavors in 1 bag? What’s NOT to love?

But then I think my personality gets repetitive, or I become “too much”, and the whole “me thing” gets a little old. Things slow down, then *POOF* they are gone. This is friendships, co-workers, and even long lost loves – thankfully not Baby – damn near everything, maybe even pets!

This, of course, got me to thinking about TSURURADIO…. Am I a gimmicky blog? When I call the internet the “intertubal superhighway”, when I say, “lardy” vs. some magical supreme being, do those still in love smile but those who have been around roll their eyes and scroll down to the music? Are you somewhere on that graph, following the exact same route that will ultimately lead you to delete me from you bookmark list?

Am I just a novelty? Not just here, but everywhere?

Maybe I should get better at marketing myself, that way both of us can get something out of it when it’s all said and done…. it’s all timing, right? Maybe make some shirts or write a book, something “Tsuru-esque” or “Aaron-istic”, maybe a “lardy” shirt?

This way, at the peak of a friendship, I can get them to buy a shirt! Then, when they’ve moved on, I’ll have my $25 and they’ll have a wash cloth for their car. Sounds fair enough, eh?

Maybe I can just completely sell-out like the boys over at PopSense – congrats, by the way! Enjoy them corndogs! – I could put a price-tag on and sell it to the highest bidder. Maybe get a few G’s and buy another sexy bike, maybe something in the cyclocross family?

Not sure, but until then, we’ll just have to keep on keepin’ on, keep on bein’ reals, keep on bein’ me. If it means a few people leave me or a couple t-shirt sales I miss out on, then so be it. So let’s just move on to a wonderful album that finally (finally) made it’s way to the intertubes – yeah, that’s right, the intertubes! – and has been on disgusting repeat since yesterday… threadbare by Port O’Brien! HOORAY!

Okay, quick thing, just got some more coffee, right, and ran into a co-worker and for whatever reason, it dawned on me that as of my next birthday, when I turn 37, I’ll have passed the point and will have now spent MOST of my life being an “adult” vs. being a minor, and, jokingly, how I’ll be heading into “phase three” and wondering what that might be. Not sure how I got the “conversation” there, but I did. Their response back? “Yeah.” Guess I should’ve sold them a shirt about a month ago.


Movin’ on, for reals now. Threadbare is amazing. *SMACK* It’s a wonderful progression from last year’s more chanty-like All We Could Do Was Sing. The album feels at once fleshed out & cohesive, and far away, yet, as grafista put it, more introspective. It’s a gorgeous combination that invokes different times & seasons, but almost always, for some reason, like it’s night time… Does that make sense?

Probably not.

I don’t know, there’s something communal about Port O’Brien, like they live on a farm out in the middle of nowhere and gather around the fire at night to play songs and revel in each other, in life, separate from all this. Not sure why I get that feeling, it’s not like they are a bunch of hippie whatevers, it’s more modern than that, but I can’t help what my brain makes up when they are playing.

Well, whatever it is, I love it. Enjoy the first few songs then, you know, go get the rest! It’s good for you!

1. High Without the Hope 3
2. My Will Is Good
3. Oslo Campfire
4. In the Meantime
5. Tree Bones
6. Sour Milk / Salt Water
7. Threadbare
8. Calm Me Down
9. Leap Year
10. Next Season
11. (((Darkness Visible)))
12. Love Me Through
13. High Without the Hope 72

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2 comments for “My brief love affairs, questioning whether or not I am a novelty, & threadbare by Port O’Brien: I think my will is good…

  1. Jeff Luppino-Esposito
    September 2, 2009 at 6:44 PM

    Don't stop being you, don't stop doing your thing. I'm sure I'm not alone in enjoying exactly what you do.

  2. Blueberry Shoes
    September 4, 2009 at 6:16 PM

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaammmmmmmmazzzzzzzzzzzzzinnnnnnnngg band.

    and you're awesome, so just start believing it.

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