Masters Of The Burial by Amy Millan: I’ll find my way back to you…

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Busy booger butt today, so let’s keep this one tight and to the right, eh? Fortunately, today’s little obsession had the same thing in mind with her second solo effort coming in just a few fraction marks above the 30 minute mark. Today it’s Star’s songstress Amy Millan and her latest effort, Masters Of The Burial!

With a album title like that, I was starting to wonder if the beautifully-voiced Millan was trying out her death metal chops!

But alas, that will have to wait for a future project. Instead, we gots ourselves a sweet little gem of an album, sure to fill up 2 or 3 minutes of many a-future mixtape, of Millan doing what she does best, bringing sweet yet always slightly dark, tunes with her voice, that voice, that perfect balance of inner-strength and frailty, sweetness and sadness, a voice, that if she asked you to kill that guy over there, you probably would.

The album features a Death Cab cover and a slew of guest appearances, though none of them or that make the album feel “not hers”, this is Millan, in her chair, on her porch, in her house, if you follow. Hard to pick out favourite songs, as they all just wash o’er you like a warm bath in a candle-lit bathroom, but the most “stand out” would be “Day To Day”, just Millan and some drumming action. That’s it. Stark & stunning. How easy could it have been to start layering a bunch of crap on it, but no, leaving it so minimal makes it that much stronger, yet, as always, lovely.

Yeah…. really nice. Enjoy the first couple songs, then go get it! I think it’s out next week!!!

Amy Millan – 01 Bruised Ghosts
Amy Millan – 02 Low Sail

It got cold
Rusted and restless
Though we’re losing sight
I’ll find my way back to you
I’ll find my way back to you…

Amy Millan – 03 Old Perfume

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