Invisible Republic by Young Galaxy: The passage is washed away…

Photography by gabriele chiapparini

Happy Monday to ya… time to start up a new week but man o’ man, what a short weekend! Productive, sure, but soooo short. Prepped and dropped off my two pieces for the CNote Art Show this weekend, are you going to come out and say “Allooooo”? Sure hope to see you there…

Everything and anything at the show will cost you one c-note, a Benjamin, a mere $100 dollars for some amazing art to proudly hang in your living room! I walked through the gallery when I dropped off my two polaroids and man, there’s some amazing work there! So, if you are in the neighborhood this weekend, stop on by. Here’s the show card…

Okay, it’s a dreary rainy day as a warm-front is apparently coming through bringing a healthy amount of rain with it. That means two things… 1) I’m going to be a wet and muddy mess when I get home tonight, which, secretly, I like and 2) I need something to get my ass in gear and get this week moving! Fortunately for me, Young Galaxy shifted their sound to a dirtier & dancier (is that a word?) sophomore effort with Invisible Republic that seems to be doing the trick juuuust fine!

Just what your boy needed to “shake the mondays” out!

Like I was saying, Young Galaxy seemed to have drifted in a new direction with Invisible Republic, bringing a dirtier, funkier, more ass-shaky dreamy Canuckness to the table and I, for one, am enjoying the hell out of it! I love these guys. Seems like no matter what they do they’ve got their passion and their hearts on their sleeve, putting it all out there, giving even their poppiest songs an endearing quality.

Being a “spin-off” of Stars, it’s got to be tough though. In one sense, you get automatic notice from the powers that be, but at the same time, those powers tend to constantly compare you to your “mother band”. They’ve got their work cut out for them getting separated from the comparisons and being looked at as their own entity. With their last album, it was easy to do a side by side, but this time out, they seemed to have stepped out of the shadow, put their own footprint in the dirt, and any other cliche metaphor you can think of. But, the comparisons keep on coming.

Then I saw a comparison to Metric out there and I can see that I suppose, but their boy/girl vocals and their ability to keep at least one pinky in some sort of dream world keeps them from getting too confused with their fellow Canadian.

Overall a perfectly fun, yet weather-applicable album… Here’s the first few tracks to get your mouth wet and your bootie a-movin’, then go get the rest… Enjoy!

Young Galaxy – 01 Long Live The Fallen World

The passage is washed away
the garden under
the last wine is poison
but we’re still drinking…

Young Galaxy – 02 Oh Sister
Young Galaxy – 03 Destroyer

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