Guest Writer Penguin Presents… Dirty French Psychedelics

Once again, we here at TSURURADIO are very proud to introduce 2nd in a series of guest writers from our beloved communities found in Our Society, on the Facebooks, and in the Twitter. Personally, I think the music lovers in our communities make up some of the most wonderful, unique, and beautiful folks in all of internetland, I really do! Got an album you are just dying to talk about, a mixtape you’ve been aching to share? Come on in, hang out with us, and let’s see what we can do! But for now, it’s Penguin’s turn as…

Penguin Presents… Dirty French Psychedelics

Hey all, this is an album I bought not so long ago. I’m waiting for a different cd to come in to review also, but this is just as good.

Dirty French Psychedelics was compiled by dirty sound system – the people behind Pilooski’s edits (godly!) and Dirty Space Disco (disappointing for the most part). The songs in the link give you the meat of the album, although the order gives a different feel of the album and thus won’t ruin it.

As the title hints, the songs compiled are older, french and psychedelic. Good stuff indeed.

1. Pleut – Brigitte Fontaine

This is an amazing song by itself. A traditional french songstress with a beautiful voice. Some tense music plays in the background. Strong, raw and passionate.

2. Cortex – Cortex A

A prelude to modern ambient music. Although instead of using a 7 year old computer and a cracked version of fruity loops, you hear some pleasant analog synths.

3. Christophe – Sunny Road to Salina

A beautiful track perfect for the end of the CD. It speaks for itself.

4. Alain Kan – Speed My Speed

Psyche just wouldn’t be psyche without songs about drugs. Alain sings a line or two in french, mentions other drugs and goes on to sing about speed with little changes in meaning. The music starts as a slow song, gets more upbeat and finally we hear some classical rock songs (with a bit of distortion!)

5. Jean Jacques Dexter – Be Quiet

+1 for the distorted bass. This definitely has a psyche feel to it.

6. Bernard Lavilliers – Les Adventures Extraordinaires D’un Billet De Banque

Possibly my favourite song of the whole album. A monologue in french with background guitar chords that feel as if the would hit the tonic note soon, but they never do. Simple yet effective.

Overall, its a great album with many colourful sides to it. Even if you don’t speak french, you can definitely enjoy some far-our classic psyche. The thing I love about this album, is that it shows that many other countries were involved with the whole psychedelic era.

Penguin Psychedelics – more to come soon!

1. Ferber Endormi
2. Aventures Extraordinaires d’Un Billet de Banque – Bernard Lavilliers
3. Pleut – Brigitte Fontaine
4. Long Song for Zelda – Dashiell Hedayat
5. Cortex a
6. Looking for You – Nino Ferrer
7. Tape Tape Tape
8. Be Quiet
9. Speed My Speed – Alain Kan
10. Frite Équatoriale
11. Fin de La Vie, Le Début de La Survivance
12. Sunny Road to Salina
13. Berceuse
14. Utopia [from Les Gants Blancs du Diable]

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Thank you Penguin! More to come, indeed!

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2 comments for “Guest Writer Penguin Presents… Dirty French Psychedelics

  1. Jet Fisher
    September 27, 2009 at 10:01 PM

    looking forward to listening to these. merci man

  2. dreemstyletransit
    September 28, 2009 at 2:39 PM

    A few here I have not heard..My ipod loves a bit a psyche!

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