Goodnight Unknown by Lou Barlow: I have too much freedom…

Photography by Jon St. Otherfang

Hey there Wednesday! Didn’t see you there, and when I did, I could’ve sworn you were Thursday. Hate it when that happens. Really messes with your head, eh? I guess it’s kinda apropo then that Goodnight Unknown by Lou Barlow is what’s swarming my ears then…

How do I mean? Good question… Been listening to this album after Ingrid (who you may remember won our most recent photo contest) admonished me for not including nearly enough on the mixtape! Well, if I make a mistake, I’ll be the first one to own up to that shit and yeah, Ingrid, you were right, there was entirely too little Lou on that mix, let’s see if we can rectify the si-yee-ation a bit, eh?

Problem is… I have no idea how to talk about this album. Yeah, I’ve been listening since yesterday, but each time I feel like I got it pinned down, the next song comes on and screws it all up for me! There are fun fuzzy rockin’ songs, some dirgy romps (do those words go together?), there’s some folky stuff, there’s some straight old-school Beatles-esque pop, some bluesy-somethin’-somethin’ mixed in here and there, I’m tellin’ ya, just unclassifiable, but certainly NOT unlistenable! In fact, each song is “catchy” and addictive in it’s on way, not with generic hooks, but just in the way it grabs you and pulls you along, b-lining you straight to the good stuff!


No clue. Like I said, no clue at all. Just writing what’s coming to my head when I listen. Maybe Lou can assist?

Here’s a couple of the videos he mentioned…

See? Neither, anything like the other! Okay… So instead of dragging this post out with any more jibber-jabber (mine or Lou’s) blah blah blah, just give the first few tracks a spin and see for yourself!

Lou Barlow – 01 Sharing
Lou Barlow – 02 Goodnight Unknown
Lou Barlow – 03 Too Much Freedom

I have too much freedom
people aren’t in reach
heaven should be hidden…

Eh? Yeah.. good stuff. Now, go show Barlow some love…
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