Gone Craftin’ in Chicago!!!

Hello! Well, if I did this right and this posted while we are on the road, then yay! Yep, like I told you earlier, we are headin’ to Chicago for the weekend because Baby’s in the Renegade Craft Fair and we won’t be back until later on Monday, so unless I can’t sleep and have some time on my hands, I probably won’t have a new post up until Tuesday…

Oh, no no no… Don’t cry! No worries, no worries… Scroll down, see? There’s tons of music & “witty” Tsuruisms for you to reminisce through and on top of that, down & over to your right is our link love section with links to tons of great sites featuring a plethora of wonderful music & writing!

As for me, I’ll be popping in down in the Society and on the Twitters & Facebooks, saying “Alloo!” and posting some twitty-pics of our goings ons, so why don’t you come on in and sit a spell with us? Here’s the linkage for ya…


That’s it! Hope to see you in there…. Love you guys! Have a GREAT weekend! We really hope to see some of you out at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this weekend! And for the rest of you, listen to good music, go riding, and take lots of photos!!!! But never ever, as my momma always told me, Fear The Mullet!

Photography by wojophoto

That saddle on the other hand….. Mm. Scrumptious. Anywhos, until then next time… CHEERS!

Your humble little bloggy-blogger,
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