Embryonic by The Flaming Lips: She said, I can be a tornado..

Photography by Rita Lino

Okay, I held off talking about today’s pretty special album. Not because I had something monumental and mind-blowing to say, but because, well to be perfectly honest, it’s a major label leak and even talking about major label stuff (except for REM for lard knows why) tends to rattle my manly bits.

But, I’ve been listening to, and avoiding, but then listening to anyway, Embryonic by the Flaming Lips now for the past few days and really, major label or not, it deserves a little love & attention…

This album surprised me, not because of it’s content, more because of it’s existence. I had no idea a Flips album was on the horizon, so when it showed up on the intertubes, I first thought it was some DVD or special soundtrack or a ‘best of’ or something. Come to think of it, ALL the Flaming Lips came to me this way. I love them, then get sick of them for a short period, then HAVE to listen to them, rinse and repeat, then BLAMO a new album shows up!

Love it.

So it was with this one. But before I let myself approach it (I was (and still am) high on Vapours by Islands) I waited and saw the Colbert performance. Finally, I was intrigued and felt it was time to get my Lips obsession on once again.

Okay… So, we got over the major label hump, the manic on-again off-again Flaming Lips obsessions, the hesitation and finally, finally listened…


As individual songs, it’s pretty much impossible to take in and not that amazing, but as a full album???


One of our members of our wonderful little community, Eldoon, found this little nugget of a write up (sorry, source wasn’t bookmarked):

Taken apart, the songs on this album seem so disjointed and a little underwritten (which makes sense, as they were created out of formless jams…and indeed, a good quarter of the tracks ARE formless jams that they laid to tape!) However, together, the songs really give strength to each other as a whole, and it makes for an amazing listening experience and album. Plus, I like how Wayne seemed to have a rough linear concept in mind with his lyrics, as well as giving the jam-songs unity by giving them Zodiac names.

That pretty much nails it. This is, like most Flaming Lips albums, an ALBUM. The art of the album, love it. How many bands forgo the album in an effort to record to or three potentially big songs, leaving the rest to fill up space? I know with vinyl record sales up, and with I think iTunes pimping full album downloads more there is a slight resurgence of “the album”, but it’s still a fringe idea, something for the music geeks.

The single mp3/m4a still rules supreme, people still want the song they just heard in that store, or that their friend was talking about, or that showed up on that commercial, or that pitchfork just had an orgasm over, or, or, or….

It’s a shame. So much beauty you’ll miss out on…

Anyways. I’ve already gone down this rant once before, not even going to try to search that out, so let’s ust move on and rejoice that there are still some bands out there who care, not just about the songs they make, but about the tracklisting, how the one before relates to the one after to the one after that to, and what it all means when you put it all together……

Okay, songs. “I Can Be A Frog” is their first single, I believe, so that’s the mp3 here. For some reason it’s got that Karen O. person on it? *shrug* Anyway, while we are at it, here’s it’s video!

But really, as cool as this is, really, you need to hear the whole thing to appreciate it, so go do that!

1. “Convinced of the Hex” – 3:56
2. “The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine” – 4:14
3. “Evil” – 5:38
4. “Aquarious Sabotage” – 2:11
5. “See The Leaves” – 4:24
6. “IF” – 2:05
7. “Gemini Syringes” – 3:41
8. “Your Bats” – 2:35
9. “Powerless” – 6:57
10. “The Ego’s Last Stand” – 5:40
11. “I Can Be A Frog” – 2:14
12. “Sagitarrius Silver Announcement” – 2:59
13. “Worm Mountain” – 5:21
14. “Scorpio Sword” – 2:02
15. “The Impulse” – 3:30
16. “Silver Trembling Hands” – 3:58
17. “Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast” – 3:45
18. “Watching The Planets” – 5:16

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  1. Blueberry Shoes
    September 25, 2009 at 1:02 PM

    omg that video. deepest thing ive seen for a LONG time. kate bush'esque definately.

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