Childish Prodigy by Kurt Vile: Well, are you blind?

Photography by Loulaa

So, what did you think of our guest writer, Isa’s post on Zooropa? Now, maybe you don’t speak French? No worries, we’ll have other guest writers and I’m sure a quite a few will write in English, but I’m no Englo-phile, all languages, cultures, etc, are loved here at TSURURADIO!

You see…. TSURURADIO, though we strive to be the best damn music bloggy blog on the intertubal love canals, is not about “hits” and “pageviews”. Sure, we like reaching more and more people, we love that thousands of people come visit us every day, it fulfills the ego quite nicely, but it’s not really what we are about. If it was, I think you’d be seeing random flashing & blinking ads on top and over to the right of your favourite little oddball blog, something like this…

Lardy, I’m annoyed with it already.

And granted, since we are a “medium-sized” blog, we may be able to rake in tens of dollars every single month, and even though that’s very tempting (that’s a lot of tubes for my bike, and lard knows I need as many as I can get), it just doesn’t feel right.

Now, I’ll be honest. We explored the ad services out there to see what it was all about, and we even had an ad at the very bottom right for a week or so from one of them (sorry, can’t remember which), but everytime I saw it, I felt my karma cringe just a little bit. Not a good feeling, but certainly an important one as it helped to evolve us into what we are today, a pretty fucking special little community of artists, designers, and music lovers, in my humble yet proud opine.

Why am I writing about all of this? It certainly isn’t to condemn anyone with ads, to each their own and whatever you want is a-okay with me….. I guess when we had our guest writer post last night and the more I thought about how we are sponsoring Craftin’ Outlaws, pimping out the CNote Art Show, buying and giving away some local crafter’s wares, showing off, what I believe to be, some amazing photographers and music artists on near-daily basis, and building a wonderful community beyond this little music blog in our Society and on the Facebooks, it just really dawned on me that TSURURADIO is really just a celebration & promotion of all the people, places, things, & goings on that we love! It gave me a nice & warm fuzzy feeling that I had to share, kinda like this LOL Cat picture.

Awwwwwwwwwwww… quite the opposite from a blinking ad, eh?

So, if we ever DO get ads up, I think it will only be for the people, places, things, & goings on that we love and want to help support, instead of scratching each other’s backs, we give each other hugs! Awww, again…. Vomit-inducing awww-ness!

It’s a nice feeling to have little lingering questions about the direction of things you are working on get settled, isn’t it? And then to write it out and publish it, cementing it, just kinda makes it even more real. With this I can say, I’m truly looking forward to sharing more from our wonderful community as time goes on, writers, musicians, artists, designers, & crafty folks! I love those guys and I think you will too!

So, here’s to moving forward with even more confidence, greater focus, and a stronger conviction than ever!


Speaking of celebrating and promoting things we love, oh lardy, can we talk about Childish Prodigy by Kurt Vile?

This is some good times right here. Now, we’ve already shared “Overnite Religion” on one of recent mixtapes, a beautiful song, but what I was happy and surprised to find with the rest of the album was a diverse collection of this super lo-fi psychedelic bluesy thing going on. Songs rang from quiet to loud to driving to shhh… For some reason, in my giant pineapple-shaped head, it plays out like something a Broken Social Scene member might do — I have no idea why I feel that, but to be sure, I looked it up, and no, Vile is not part of BSS, Kevin Drew and Vile should totally hook up!

Where was I? No clue. Great album, diverse, lo-fi, hooray Kurt Vile, oh yeah! There are times when the album sounds completely amateur, like the way “Overnite Religion” fades in kinda abruptly, or how on “Dead Alive” is a fuzzy mess of sounds going on, like the some of the equipment is completely shot. Ah, but don’t be fooled! Vile knows what he’s doing as each song is wonderfully and expertly crafted keeping you hooked in without ever sounding to calculated. A nice balance to maintain….

Check out a few songs then go grab the rest! Enjoy!

01 – Hunchback
02 – Dead Alive

You tell me a good man is hard to fine
well, are you blind?

03 – Overnite Religion
04 – Freak Train
05 – Blackberry Song
06 – Monkey
07 – Heart Attack
08 – Amplifier
09 – Inside Lookin Out

Some Vile Link Love…
Myspace | Official | Label

Buy it at Insound!

Oh cool, here’s some tour dates listed up on Matador! Go see him, buy his swag, support your artists!

Saturday 03 Philadelphia, PA Kung Fu Necktie
Wednesday 07 New York, NY Mercury Lounge
Thursday 08 Poughkeepsie, NY Vassar College w/Indian Jewelry
Saturday 10 Oberlin, OH The ‘Sco (Dionysus Disco) at Oberlin College
Sunday 11 Lexington, KY Al’s Bar
Monday 12 Bloomington, IN Video Saloon
Tuesday 13 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
Wednesday 14 Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry
Friday 16 Missoula, MT The Palace
Saturday 17 Seattle, WA High Dive w/Crystal Stilts
Sunday 18 Portland, OR Holocene w/Crystal Stilts
Tuesday 20 Arcata, CA Jambalaya
Wednesday 21 San Francisco, CA Hemlock Tavern
Thursday 22 San Diego, CA Crepe Place
Friday 23 Los Angeles, CA Spaceland
Sunday 25 San Diego, CA Casbah
Tuesday 27 Phoenix, AZ Modified Arts
Thursday 29 Lubbock, TX Bash Riprocks
Friday 30 Austin, TX Mohawk
Saturday 31 Dallas, TX Lounge on Elm Street

Monday 02 Memphis, TN Hi-Tone Cafe w/Lovvers
Tuesday 03 Dallas, TX The Loft
Thursday 05 Washington, DC Black Cat

And hell, while we are at it… here’s a video of “Freak Train” taken from SXSW. So much Kurt lovins today, eh?

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