Two Dancers by Wild Beasts: Our hearts are heavy, our heads ready…

Photography by Elea Rage

You may recall a few months back when, after hearing Limbo Panto by Wild Beasts at our favourite local coffee/dessert/wine cafe Apropos that, when finally getting the chance to really listen-listen, I was torn about whether or not I even liked the album! After all this time, I’m still not sure…

Word was a new album by these UK inhabitants was about to come down the pipe. This was very exciting because this would most likely be the album that determines the future of my relationship with this band. The big question for me was, what was going to happen with Two Dancers? Would they lean toward the parts I didn’t like, go the more-of-the-same (dangerous on sophomore albums), or veer toward the sweet spot of my tender love???

Well, I’ll tell ya…. Not only did they veer toward my heart, they also took their giant claws and swiped it out and ate it!!! Damn heart eating bastards.

How to describe this…….. If I told you that this album a tribal darkness lit up by celestial lights, would that make any sense to you? It’s like an aurora borealis in the middle of a pitch dark jungle, how’s that for a description, eh? Chew on THAT Pitchfork (by the way, nice find WLFY)! Pitch-who? What-fork???

Pulitzer please…

Not good enough, need a little more? Looking for a better review, something a bit more coherent than pretty lights poking out of the rain-forest? Dammit, I’m never good enough for you, am I momma?!?!?!?!

*runs out the room sobbing*

End scene.

Ha! Didn’t know I could act via blog format did you? I’m a blogger triple threat! Writing, photography, and ACTING!

Where was we… Oh yeah, go check out the boys over at The 405, who gave this bad boy a 9/10!

…It’s complete with light, pattering rhythms that are mechanical and almost tribal, which ritualistically back the massaging, drifting vocals, projecting sounds of renegade creatures and alliterative, winsome lyrics.

…but to start off in the crying falsettos and then descend into the growling tenors like the rare breed of singers that Wild Beasts are, and to articulate their wonderfully bizarre lyrics sums up the greatness of the record.

…Wild Beasts use language that is daft: “…disowned us daddies like the poopers of the party”. They use language that is unsettling: “This is a booty call – my boot up your asshole. This is a Freudian slip – my slipper in your bits”. They use language that alliterates and emphasizes a letter’s sound: “We’re just brutes bored in our bovver boots”. Never do Wild Beasts use language that is plain or unimaginative, or lyrics that sound as though they are merely there to fill a few spare bars of music. They keep you guessing about where the story is going and it is one joy after another to hear what set of words they will cast out next.

…Two Dancers is very much Wild Beasts’ wild odyssey. It’s a dark toned and sublime listen, enriched with a symphony of endless calls from what sounds like mythical animals, and the clicking and whirling of instruments that hurl the vocals and lyrics in different lights, leaving different mental marks and shadows.

Complete Full Review Here

Yeah, that about sums it up perfectly. It’s strange, I can see how easy it would be to hate this, and with Limbo Panto, they walked along the top of the fence so tightly, I didn’t know what to think. This time around, they reached a hand down and pulled me up on the fence with them, balancing and walking along, like another wild beast, like two alley cats owning the night.

Ah, and here’s the video for “Hooting & Howling” which also showed up in a recent mixtape of ours!

Very cool.

Man, I’m kinda all over the place today. I guess it’s pretty apropo when you consider my soundtrack, eh? Alright, your turn to give these Wild Beasts a go. Open you ears a little, try to let it in, I think you just might like what you hear…


Wild Beasts – 01 The Fun Powder Plot

Our hearts are heavy
Our heads ready…

Wild Beasts – 02 Hooting And Howling
Wild Beasts – 03 All The Kings Men

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