TSURURADIO Presents… A NEW CONTEST!!! And we get busy with some Blitzen Trapper’s EP Black River Killer among other things…

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That’s right, you read the post image correctly, it’s time to have a contest, and not just any ol’ contest, a PHOTO contest! You see, on Saturday, Baby & I headed over to the Ohio State Fair (it was Baby’s first fair EVER (remember, she’s Canadian, “state fairs” aren’t government sanctioned up there… first off, they’d be “province fairs” and everything would have to be bilingual, just a logistical nightmare, that even it it WAS approved, do you really think the carnie folk could offer up deep fried twinkies in English AND French? Then the French would protest… ugh, what a mess).

It was a hot, humid, and generally sticky afternoon, pretty nasty actually. It was so hot, even Sasquatch decide to remove his shirt! Always the clever one though, he was quick to come up with a way to carry the shirt, show off his luxurious body hair and mesh tank top, and keep his hands free to keep his woman in one arm and food product in the other…

Sorry ladies… he’s taken.

The reason we actually went was that Craft & Crash was going on, which is a craft show and a roller derby exhibition (like salt & pepper, they are, deliscious on everything) so we stopped in to see our craftin’ peeps, watch some women kick each other’s asses on roller-skates, and finally picked up my Stinkybomb cassette soaps! I got three, one blue, one pink, and one green. Here’s one seen in it’s natural habitat:

Now, if you are a regular reader of TSURURADIO, you know I’m a dirty boy, but I’m not THAT dirty (c’mon, give me some credit, will you?) so I’ve decided, after much, much rangling, to offer up one of my beloved cassette soaps to one of you! Don’t worry, it will be a new & unused one, unless you prefer a used one, now who’s the dirty one?????

As much as I love random prize winning, I thunked to myself that we are due for a little interaction, don’t you agree? So, to make it interesting we are having a photo contest!!! HOORAY! And the theme, you ask? One word…


That word means many different things to many different people and personally, I think that’s what should make this all the more fun! Now, to make this interesting and to hopefully insure we get a shitload of dirty entries, we are going to up the anty on the prize. The winner of our TSURURADIO Dirty Photo Contest will receive the following…..

A Stinkybomb Cassette Tape Soap!!!

Here’s a photo of it, out of it’s packaging, ready for action…

Mmm…… mixtape cleanliness is most definitely next to, if not just above “godliness”. You can choose between the pink, the green, or the blue.

The winner will also receive my copy of…

Polynya’s excellent album Crop Rotation!!!

Great album from an up & coming band. A chance for your to get in on the ground floor, increasing your hip- & indie-cred by 136 points! Not too shabby.

AAAAAAAAAAAND, as the cherry on our nasty pile of dirt (5 second rule, 5 second rule!!!), our winner will also receive…


Probably something new and related to our “dirty” theme…. don’t worry, we’ll keep it “clean”, ha! Might even be a polaroid if I can come up with something cool!

What do you think? Some cool soap, a great album, and an original piece of art and all you got to do is send us a “dirty” photo! There are a few ways to enter, so let’s quicky run down the instructions…

  1. Take a “dirty” photo. Can be as literal, figurative, abstract, obtuse, metaphorical, or ironic as you want it to be, just HAVE FUN & GET DIRTY! The world is much too serious (and clean) these days…
  2. Send me the photo in one of the following ways:

Pretty easy, eh?

Contest ends in ONE WEEK, on Tuesday 8/18! Then on Wednesday we will present a selection of photos and announce the winner while we also present the latest mixtape we are working on!!! Can I get a “woot woot”?


Can I get a “hell yeah”?


Great! So, get yer photoin’ on and send them in ASAP!

Now, one thing I know that helps get my photo shoots a-groovin’ is a little bit o’ music. There is tons out there to choose from, everthing from Destroyer’s new ambient disco poetry song thingy called ” Bay Of Pigs” to a free Amazon.com mp3 of Bettye LaVette covering Sam Cooke’s “Change Is Gonna Come” (thanks ANTI Records on Twitter for the heads up). Considering the theme is “Dirty”, well, maybe you go a little crunk? Maybe you go a little Aguilera? Not sure, totally up to you! For me, it’s Blitzen Trapper’s latest EP Black River Killer that has swooned my soul and warshed over my dirty mind…

I believe this is the official release of the CDR Mr. Trapper was selling at the swag table at his shows during his recent tour. Well, whatever it is, it’s fantastic. At 7 songs, it’s more like a mini-album, acoustic-driven, but layered here and there with electronic elements. Take the lead-off track “Black River Killer”, a delightfully catchy and groovin’ narrative song ala something Lucky Wilbury might pen, but topped with a whistling, near-Snoop-Dogg-hip-hop-style, synth that keeps it a little grounded in the modern world.

Each song seems to have a blend of some old-timey accoustic jam, pop sensibilities, but with a hint of decidedly modern decorating here and there, reminding me once again how much I love Blitzen Trapper.

Okay, I’ve done enough jibber-jabberin’. Here’s the first two songs, get yer listenin’ on, go grab the rest, then GO GET YER PHOTOIN’ ON!


1. Black River Killer
2. Silver Moon
3. Going Down
4. Shoulder Full of You
5. Preacher’s Sister’s Boy
6. Black Rock
7. Big Black Bird

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  1. Garrett Sorrels
    September 3, 2009 at 8:23 PM

    glad you posted this. great band. One of my favorites bands over the last few years.

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