TSURURADIO Loves… The Dadada’s Blogophilia Volume 10 Mixtape!!!

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Okay, before we call this week “done”, let’s share another batch of awesomeness, and once again, this one come from another fantastic blog, The Dadada, their amazing mixtape Blogophilia Volume 10! Here’s his description….

This edition of Blogophilia features tracks from established and well received albums released late in 2008 or early 2009 from Say Hi, Metric, Neko Case, and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. Tracks by The Frowning Clowns and The Almighty Defenders are reminiscent of 1960’s recordings by the Standells and Mitch Ryder respectively. Volume 10 also includes the newest release from Radiohead and Justin Vernon’s (Bon Iver) latest side project with mates from Wisconsin (Volcano Choir). Volume 10 has 13 first timers to the B-philia series with Adam and Evil, Starlight Mints, The Acorn, Taken By Trees, Pissed Jeans (possibly the best punk band name ever), The Frowning Clowns, Neko Case, Roofwalkers, Cale Parker, The Almighty Defenders, Cave Singers, and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson all contributing to this edition. Having recorded 10 previous compilations (volume 8 in two parts), I was surprised to have nearly 2/3 of the bands new to Blogophilia.
Happy listening!

Happy listening, indeed!

I’m going to keep this one short, as I think the mixtape speaks mostly for itself… BUT, I will say, once I finally got around to this bad boy — I know, the queue is getting too long! But technical problems, remember, technical problems… — it’s been a “go to” mixtape ever since! Wonderfully unique & fun mixtape from a wonderfully unique & fun blog! And, if you haven’t figured it out yet, since this is Volume 10, that means there are at LEAST nine other mixtapes you need to wrap your ears (and legs?) around!

Thanks so much Clifton for letting me share this with my readers. Speaking of, whachawaitin’ fer? Get yer listenin’ on and enjoy as…

TSURURADIO Loves (and proudly re-presents)…
The Dadada’s Blogophilia Volume 10 Mixtape!!!
(Full Zip from Blogophilia)


01 Intro
02 Say Hi – Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
03 Adam and Evil – Freaks
04 Metric – Sick Muse
05 Foreign Born – Vacationing People
06 Eulogies – This Fine Progression
07 The Danvilles – The Man That Never Was
08 Starlight Mints – Submarine #3
09 Ramona Falls – I Say Fever
10 The Acorn – The Flood Pt. 1
11 Taken By Trees – Watching the Waves
12 Volcano Choir – Island, IS
13 Radiohead – These Are My Twisted Words
14 Crocodiles – Neon Jesus
15 Pissed Jeans – False Jesii Pt. 2
16 The Frowning Clowns – Time Wastin’ Woman
17 Neko Case – People Gotta Lot of Nerve
18 Roofwalkers – They Think They Own The Place
19 Cale Parks – Some Sew, Some Find
20 The Almighty Defenders – Cone of Light
21 Cave Singers – Beach House
22 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Buriedfed

Go show The Dadada all your love riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight HERE! Hear something you like? Well, go to your local record shop and buy it! OR, at least online…

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