tsuruloosies… so much hawtness, so little time!

Is everybody getting “dirty” for prizes??? Good. Well, while you guys havin’ some fun photoin’ your dirty-ass selves, let’s check out some intertubal hawtness via the glorious tsuruloosie! Oh boy, so much hawtness, so little time!

Destroyer – Bay Of Pigs (Web Rip)

“Ambient disco” is the label du jour for Destroyer’s new effort… clocking in at nearly 14 minutes, it’s a doozy. I’ll be honest when it first starts to unfold it’s seedy disco self, with synths going WoiaaaaaAAAAA, slowly, while Bejar does his beatnik poet thing, I had an honest to goodness, “WTF Bejar” moment. At around 4:45 or so, we things pick up, and at first I half expect to hear “EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!”, but it doesn’t, it anticlimatically drops into a retro beat thing. I start to smile… Why? Because fucking Destroyer man, fucking Destroyer. How appropriate is that name? The moment you think you got this guy pegged, he’s got to go fuck with your head.

I’ve listened to this song 4 times now, an hour of my life, and I can honestly say I love it. It so much to take in, I don’t think “ambient disco” give the song it’s proper due, as it’s so much more. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP.

Arcade Fire – Wake Up (Where The Wild Things Are Version)

Well, this just brings a warm tingly to you heart, either that or you may be, in fact, dead inside. Not sure? Need a little visual stimulation too? Check out these two trailers..

…I mean, c’mon, right?

So here we got the Arcade Fire rip from the commercial, so it’s abbreviated with monster noises, short, concise, heart tugging, happiness. Nothing else to say.

Volcano Choir – Island, IS

Very nice… reminds me a little Dirty Projectors, at least in the bright chiminess of the guitar and the quirky rhythm, but with more haunting vocals. Don’t know about these guys, think it’s a side project of sorts. Musically, very simple repetition that changes chords, while they lead kinda goes on and on, but it works. Sounds a bit transitional, very curious to see how this fits in the album.

Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl

Uh… Hmm… The #1 song on The Hype Machine, eh? Starts off pretty a bit generic, but then settles in to a nice indie-pop-dance groove. Sure to “light up” a dance floor or two, found my own head a-bobbin’ along half-way through. Sweet. I’ll be honest, if you told me this was a new MGMT or Passion Pit or *insert indie-pop-dance artist here* song, I’d believe you. I don’t know if that says much about Hey Champ, or more about me and my inability to get “in touch” with the new indie-dance scene going on???

Kings Of Convenience – I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From

Nice… Sounds like something you’d hear at a coffee shop on a chill night. The vocals are a little “breathy” for me, but the guitar is sweet & bright and the melody is nice & fiiine. But then near the 3 minute mark a cello pops in and adds a little bit of meat the this dish of mash potatoes. Well, maybe not a serving of meat as much as a dollop of au jus. Again, nice, pretty, but for me, a bit forgettable.

Muse – Uprising

I have no idea. Starts off with a bit “Spirit In The Sky” thing going on, but more “synthy”. Everytime I hear people talk about Muse, I always wonder why I’m not a fan. But then I hear one of their songs and it takes a lot of will power to get it down my throat. This song sounds contrived and silly. Is this a song for some Mad Max remake or something?

Muse is taking on “fat cats”, mind control, third eyes and being afraid to die (see, it rhymes). Sorry guys, but this one’s giving me a Meh-ache…. Next.

David Bazan – Bless This Mess

YAY! Jaunty pop goodness! WOOT! Got a sweet groove, got a sweet use of harmonies, god bless this mess indeed! I’ve listened to this one about 6 or 7 times now and I’m stuck! Clever, fun, and rewarding with each listen. Time to find this guy’s albums!

Port O’Brien – Sour Milk / Sour Water

Sweet, new one from Port O’Brien! A driving acoustic thing. I like these guys. It’s fuzzy, it’s quick, and it kicks ass. A fun one to sing along to, looks like I’ve got me another to add to a mixtape!!! HOORAY!

Music Go Music – Warm In The Shadows

Woah, a nearly 10 minute dance song?? I prepared for the worse but after Destroyer & Hey Champ I was ready! After an echo-enhance songstress leads us in, the beats get a-droppin’ and you know what it’s pretty fucking bad ass! It’s got a “Harden My Heart” on Ecstasy kinda feel, without the saxophones (thankfully). No one’s more surprised than I am how much I was, by the 5 minute mark, dancing around like a mentally-challenged chimpanzee!


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2 comments for “tsuruloosies… so much hawtness, so little time!

  1. dubtown
    August 13, 2009 at 5:26 PM

    those were some strong words about Muse. I really respect them a lot. I think you should give them a chance. I'm really looking forward to their new release, as well as the new The Used record. Their new vid is addicting…

  2. Tsuru
    August 13, 2009 at 5:30 PM

    Hey dubtown, I know, I know…. I realllly want to like them, but man, this song is definitely not it. Maybe I should start with their earlier stuff??

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