tsuruloosies… A broken ipod & a shit load of songs before the weekend!

Happy Friday, my dear friends… Great ride in after a rough night makes for a much happier Tsuru! Yeah, I still have a broken less than a year old 120gb broken iPod and yeah, I’ll have to run up to the dreaded Apple store (i.e. the maaaaaaaall) and hopefully they’ll let me switch out (I REALLY don’t want to buy another gadget after dropping C-notes on a new pooter). We’ll see… But first, and before we get to today’s massive tsuruloosie post, I feel it’s necessary to make a slight correction to yesterday’s post.

Yesterday we claimed that Ron Sexsmith’s Blue Boy, not Weezer’s Raditude and not The Decemberists’ Hazards Of Love, to be our GREATEST ALBUM OF THE 00’S… Well, since then I got to thinking, as amazing as that album is, is it an “album masterpiece” or is it more of a stunning collection of songs. The more I thought about it, the more I realized, that though Blue Boy is about perfect, I think something as big as GREATEST ALBUM OF THE 00’S deserves to be more of an “album”, if you know what I mean. So, I’m very excited to announce that our GREATEST ALBUM OF THE 00’S is now…………

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel!!!!

Congratulations Jeff & Co, a perfect album that– What? It came out in 1998? But I really, really love it and besides, most people came across it in the 00’s.

Oh fine, well no matter, I’ve got another masterpiece and future classic! Our GREATEST ALBUM OF THE 00’S is………………

And this is a really good one…

This is gonna stick, I can just FEEEEEEL it…

Gorilla Vs. Bear is gonna kick themselves for missing this one!

More like Gorilla Vs. Crane! And the crane wins!

And our winner is…………….

So exciting…


Wow. Congratulations you damn Canuck, you won my heart & soul and my love & tenderness. I’ve called UPS (they know me by first name now) and have redirected the package away from Ronny boy directly to you up in Montreal. Much love & props, homey! Congratulations!

Okay, I don’t know about you, but Iiii feel better.

Now, on to today’s massive tsuruloosie friday fun reviewskis! Let’s get right to it, eh? Remember, these are gut reactions to songs based solely on listening to them & discussing them as they play! This is just a glimpse of what’s hot & bothering the intertubals of love, not some in depth something-something. Now, let’s have some fun…

Liam Frost Featuring Martha Wainwright – Frost Your Hand In Mine

Well this is fun! A sweet piano-based romp, bouncing around and Martha’s vocals along with Mr. Frost make for a fresh & fun duet! Love this (but I’m a sucker for Martha). Definitely a song to shelve for a mixtape or two! Nothing else to say except just a fun song to dance around & sing along with! WHEE! Ba ba ba ba!!!!

Division Day – Chalk Lines

Spacey pop start, then the e-lectric guitars come in, doing a little repetitive thingy. Breathy vocals, and kind of a hodge podge going on, hmm…. I don’ t know. Not bad, not really grabbing me either. Something tells me the rest of the album will be a love or hate thing with me. No reason to believe that, this song comes off al-ite, just feel like somethings going to tip me hard one way or the other, you know? No need for repeated listenings, time to move on.

Pearl Jam – The Fixer

Ah, we’ve come a long way since, “Oh Iiiii Oooooooh I’m still aliiive, y-y-y-y-y-y-yeah!” This songs pretty tight and we I feel like we got a little Vedder vocals ala Vitalogy (my favourite album of their’s), but for the most part, the song itself (musically, I mean) feels kinda generic. Not sure why, I like it fine, but there’s nothing there’s no meat to sink my teeth into, you know? Like a nice juicy sirloin, cooked medium-rare, with about 3 bottles of A1 sauce coating it… Mmmm…… That’d be nice.

DJ Tiesto Featuring Tegan & Sara- Feel It In My Bones

Okay, this starts off like your average generic modern dance something, and honestly for the first minute there is nothing particularly decent about this song, yet Tegan & Sara’s appearance kinda keeps me hooked in, buying some time making me wondering where it’s going, even though I’m not all THAT interested in where it’s at now. Well, it pays off. About halfway through, we hit the full, goosebumpy sound that these kinda songs need, that part where you go from simply shaking your rump to the beat on da dancefloor to SHAKIN’ YO ASS ON DA DANCEFLO’ MOTHER BITCHES! Yeah.

Atlas Sound – Quick Canal (With Laetitia Sadier)

Cool organ start and the beat kicks in and a lovely female vocals floats around the ether and I’m kinda wishin’ I was on E or Acid or whatever the kids take to ‘feeeeeeeeeeeeeel’ the music. Very cool song. A beautiful trippiness to it, without sounding contrived. Very cool… Funny, I listen and all I can think is “very cool”. Maybe too cool for me? I guess if I cared about such things…

Port O’ Brien – My Will Is Good

Another Port O’ Brien song making the rounds! Hooray! I love these guys. Each song you hear always sounds inventive and original even though it might be a mix of lard-knows-what influences. “My Will Is Good” is no different. Now here’s some meat. It mixes the raw & organic with the ethereal & isolated. Has this album leaked yet? Hurry up already!

William Fitzsimmons – Heartless

Oh man, sorry William, your whole uber-breathy vocals with “delicate” acoustic guitar is just a little too much for me…. Sorry. Really sorry. Oh man, turn it off…. Again, sorry.

Young Buffalo – Catapilah

Ooo… a song by a brand new band, Young Buffalo! I don’t even think they are signed yet. This is the title track off their demo. Vocally, it’s got that Fleet Foxes kinda distant reverb to it, but that’s about where the comparisons end. The music is interesting and energetic, would it be silly to compare some elements of the song to a Native American sound with their name being Young Buffalo? At least in the rhythm? But again, that’s where THAT comparison ends. Oh man, I think I got it, and this is kinda fucked up, imagine Fleet Foxes & Arcade Fire had a baby raised by a Native American tribe? Huh? I don’t know. Just listen. Really great. Thanks to dastave in Our Society for pointing this one out! Really great!

Do Make Say Think – Do

And finally today, we’ve got a new one from “post-rockers” Do Make Say Think (does anyone else think the term “post rock” is pretty, I don’t know, stupid?). This one is called “Do” and it’s a, waaaaait for it, Do-zy! HA! Seriously though, this is one of those “epic” type songs. Starts off methodical, building on it’s self, making left turns and right turns, like a road trip, featuring all kinds of sights, sounds, and interesting road signs, but keeps building on itself, creating it’s own memories, while taking advantage of the repetition to keep it all in check. Really amazing. Can’t wait for the new album – there is one coming, right?? Give this one some time to really take in, I’ve listened 3 or 4 times, I still don’t think I got it all yet.

Not a bad collection today, a couple a little off, but not too shabby. Have a great weekend everyone! I hope to get a little vinyl back up and running with the new computer! No promises, but I’ll do my best. Until we chat again…..

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3 comments for “tsuruloosies… A broken ipod & a shit load of songs before the weekend!

  1. Blueberry Shoes
    August 21, 2009 at 11:40 AM

    sighhh sunset rubdown-one of my ultimates. and heck, the whole canadian thing just rocks my socks off.

    young buffalo is also reminiscent of echo and the bunnymen a bit too!

    thanks for the tunage!

  2. Ry
    August 24, 2009 at 7:57 AM

    your atlas sound link is the liam frost tune again

  3. Tsuru
    August 24, 2009 at 9:38 AM

    thanks! All fixed!

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