tsuruloosie… Vapours by Islands and an Rough Gem video moment, to boot!

Islands – Vapour

Yeah, I’ve expressed concern over the pending leak of the new Islands album Vapours. I loved the first song out, and now the second one, the title track “Vapours” comes out and I love it too, it’s a fun little bouncy song, with brass and everything. BUT for some reason, until I hear the whole album, I’m still being nervous. Why? It all stems from what I perceive (hopefully, wrongfully) that the album was built as a reaction to the less-than-positive reviews of Arm’s Way (our favourite album of 2008, by the way).

Words like “return to form” come to my mind and I start to shutter. I don’t want “returns to form” I want moving forward, like Arm’s Way was from Return to Sea, just whatever is next, screw the critics, screw everyone, just be true to yourself, right?

I really hope Vapours is what’s next and not what was…. I really do. I love ya, Nick, but don’t look back man! I got to believe in your artistic integrity, because in this day and age, in this commodicized world, what else do we have? Leave the looking back to us, your listeners, your fans, but for you, we don’t want “Rough Gem Pt. II” because we have “Rough Gem”…

Again, I have no legitimate reasons to worry. None, it could be, like our boy Krug, he’s just super-prolific and ready to get the next album out, critics be damned. If so, I will embrace and snuggle and hope to find that sweet spot.

Honestly, the best thing to do Nick, is just go ahead and leak the album to us and put my mind at rest, okay? Thanks!

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