tsuruloosie… How I Got Over by The Roots

The Roots – How I Got Over

So I hop over to the Twitterbugs and a tweet was twatted by our friends over at The Hype Machine

“How I Got Over” by The Roots reached #1 on the charts: http://hypem.com/popular

Well, I’m nuffin if not wif it wif wuts hawt and wut-nots, so two clicks later, I’m listening to The Roots bring an old school vibe while a dude who sounds like Lenny Kravitz sings about the hard life circa 1980 or something and “God” and not giving a “fuck” (though I don’t think he rhymed the two), and then a guy who sounds like one of the Black Eyed Peas starts rapping (even the rappin’ style sounds the same)… come the 1:45 minute mark, I was half-expecting Fergie to bust some over-emoted crap about “life” and hey, if there’s anyone who knows about street life, it’s everyone’s favourite good girl gone meth or crack or whatever head gone life-is-hard-faced quasi-rap-pop-“singer” urine-enthusiast.

Meth is whack, man.

Speaking of tweet twatting, check this… from the folks who brought you PopSense comes Dumb Status, a site that brings you all the facebook & twitter status updates not suitable or necessary to twat! I just hope they don’t JUST do status updates, I want to see some of these twit’s twitpics! Seriously, has there ever been a more suitable name for some of those pics? Sorry Lance, even I, ME!?!, could care less about seeing a twitpic of your bike on a boat on your way to some beautiful island while I twaddle away at work…

Okay, enough postin’ for one day, time to start waking the legs up for my ride home, notably NOT at, on, or anywhere near Treasure Cay

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1 comment for “tsuruloosie… How I Got Over by The Roots

  1. Dumb Status
    August 6, 2009 at 10:45 PM

    hahaha, thanks for the love! we really would love to add pictures, but we're worried old twitter will lay the smackdown on us for breaking some privacy policy. But hell… if no one's looking…

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