tsuruloosie… Genesis 3:23 by The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats – Genesis 3:23

New song by The Mountain Goats, “Genesis 3:23”, part of an upcoming album featuring songs that are all titled after the bible, apparently narratives around lessons the bible had taught him at one point or another. The problem with naming your songs after bible things is it adds a level of GRAVITAS to thing, suddenly god commandeth thee to doeth ridiculouseth things to proveth to he that you doeth heart him(eth). So, when you here “pop-pop-pop” and a nice & light little organ (I think) led song come on, it kinda fucks with you a smidgen. After getting over that, what’s left is a very nice little pop song with lyrics that are probably stronger than the tone is implying. No clue what to expect from the album… but as a man who gets a kick out of religion, I’m definitely interested to hear some more of these bible stories…

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1 comment for “tsuruloosie… Genesis 3:23 by The Mountain Goats

  1. tkthasequel
    August 6, 2009 at 6:08 PM

    the great thing about this concept:

    all these indie rock kids who are sooo not into christianity or organized religion will be yelling out Bible verses out as song requests at concerts (as is Mtn Goats tradition) and end up sounding like street preachers. Somewhere John Darnielle is laughing … or will be, once the tour starts. Such a sick sense of humor on that guy.

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