My Old, Familiar Friend by Brendan Benson

Photography by 333bracket

Well, while the word goes kuckoo for Cocoapuffs over the new Radiohead song that leaked/released out, “These Are My Twisted Words” (mp3 via Universal’s Stereogum), I’m sitting at home, with an upset & frustratingly rumblin stomach — even coffee didn’t settle it out and coffee’s my “cure all” for stomach (helps digestion) and cold (warm fluids on a tender throat) ailments! man, can’t even remember the last time I called in sick, ugh — taking it easy, listening to the fun pop-stylings of one Brendan Benson and his latest, My Old, Familiar Friend!

Well, the coffee may not have helped my stomach, but there’s nothing more soothing than some wonderfully crafted pop music and our boy Brendan delivers. There’s something familiar about the songs, the album, Brendan is definitely channeling some classic pop idols. That’s not a bad thing, as he takes what was, makes it what is and what’s his! Ultimately, it makes it very easy to pop in and enjoy, anytime, any place, and that’s exactly what I needed today… Much along the lines of one of my favourite smart-pop artists Michael Penn, but with a slightly more modern angle. Very nice.

Can I say, yeah… why not… it’s “just what the doctor ordered”! HA!


Okay, that’s all I got today, unless I feel a little better later. Time to go lay back down. Oh and hey, don’t forget to get your “Dirty” photos submitted for great prizes and I put up a little sticky notice for tomorrow’s YUMMY! show, come out and celebrate the love of art AND food! Food… okay, maybe not the best thing to be thinking about right now…

That’s it for now, until later, enjoy!

1. “A Whole Lot Better”

Take a seat
cuz there’s something I want to say
take it easy
don’t take it the wrong way
I feel a whole lot better
when you’re not around…

2. “Eyes on the Horizon”
3. “Garbage Day”
4. “Gonowhere”
5. “Feel Like Taking You Home”
6. “You Make a Fool Out of Me”
7. “Poised and Ready”
8. “Don’t Want to Talk”
9. “Misery”
10. “Lesson Learned”
11. “Borrow”

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2 comments for “My Old, Familiar Friend by Brendan Benson

  1. Christina
    August 14, 2009 at 5:25 PM

    Oooh, looks like Evan B. Harris did the artwork for that! I love his stuff.

  2. Tsuru
    August 14, 2009 at 5:29 PM

    agreed… amazing work!

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